Devon Wedding Planning Tips

pic/ The Wedding Fair – a great place to start planning your wedding!!

First of all, if you are thinking about planning your wedding…


on your engagement!!

This is an INCREDIBLE time for You,

your FRIENDS, your FAMILY, your CO_WORKERS and not forgetting your FUTURE-IN-LAWS!

BUT Get ready to expand your circle of new friends further

when you begin building your future wedding suppliers and professionals contact list

aka the people (in addition to your inner circle) who will help 

to make your day the one that you dream about!

pic/ This way to the ‘I do’s’ Don’t worry about anything because help is at hand!


At first, planning your wedding may seem a daunting task but this is the good news

these are special times!!

Never before have there been more people and resources readily available

to guide you through the exciting and rewarding challenge of organizing your wedding!

We are all here to help!

With years of experiences in the wedding industry, we are all

only too happy to connect with you and help where help is needed!

No longer must you feel confused or overwhelmed

by the process of planning your wedding.

pic/ Our bride sharing a funny story

with me about her wedding.

What an amazing day that was! 


To explain,

our local family company Yellowbooth

has been built up over 6 years

and is still thriving today

because we believe we like to connect

with our brides, our grooms, their families and friends.

To offer advice on wedding planning if needed or required is

the most enjoyable part of our job!

You can’t beat hearing all about our wedding couples’ big day

– on their way into the photo booth!

pic/ Leave the rest to us! At a wedding at Ocean Kave.

We will continue to help your guests enjoy your wedding!

Above pic, Me again, helping to load up the guest book with spare photos – I’m in black! 🙂

Venue wedding co-ordinators, Photo booth hosts and DJs are on call and present during the wedding day and we are the ones who become involved with making things amazing for our brides and grooms right till the end of the evening. We are there for you making things run smoothly!

pic/ Inside the photo booth – guaranteed fun for everyone – Bride & Grooms too!

pic/ South West Bride magazine – fantastic for wedding inspiration and ideas!

Magazines like Bride offer great insights and inspiration. Online resources like and Wedding Planner are fantastic too for all of us who find ourselves launching into the chartered world of the wedding planner.

Websites like these offer free planning tools too as well as tips on budgeting and guest invitation managing. Ideal!

pic/ Weddings are fun too! And wedding fairs too!

So, All About The Many Advantages of The Wedding Fair!

Find out when and where the best local wedding fairs are being held.

This is the perfect way to get you started! List to follow!


Wedding Fairs are a place to get inspiration,

to get vibes about suppliers and to choose which ones you’d prefer to go with,

 to begin drawing the big picture that is set to be your wedding day!

Our advice! Don’t stop at one – go to several wedding fairs if you have the time – the chances are that each fair will have its own suppliers, loads more professionals to look at and chat to and more to explore!

pic/ Psssst! Added bonuses of attending a wedding fair often include a glass of bubbles,

a goody bag and even prizes!

pic/ The Fashion Show at Westpoint Wedding Fair (see listings)

Where else will you find 30 plus suppliers and wedding professionals in one room who are more than happy to chat to you about your big day?

From tips about bridal gowns, photographers, flowers, cakes, guest books, magicians, photo booths, DJs, venues, venue dressing, candy carts, jewellery, wedding transport, invitations, venue dressing

and much much more can be easily discussed for inspiration at any good wedding fair.

pic/ Another of our lovely happy couples in the booth with our Green Screen backdrop!

pic/ Lit LOVE letters with floral detail – unique pretty touches for wedding venue decoration

Step right up, Some really good Devon wedding fairs in Spring 2020 are here!

By the way, check out our Devon wedding fairs guide for some great information.

Talking wedding reception entertainment,

you won’t miss with a photo booth! Every wedding has one!

Whether a Magic Mirror or a traditional enclosed photo booth!

If you would like to book a photo booth, a magic mirror

or any other of our wedding essentials

please visit our website where you will find out more

about our products and how they will make your wedding reception

one to remember!

If you prefer to talk to somebody we’d love to hear from you!

Call Caz and Laurence on 0800 7720325 or through our Facebook page.

Good luck with learning and experiencing

all about your new project that is

“Planning and Organising

Your Wedding” yourself!

Remember if there comes a time when you think you might never

see the light at the end of the tunnel – you will

and what is more you will do an amazing job!

But When all is said and done, really, All you need is LOVE! 🙂


pic/ Our Bride & Groom enjoying their Magic Mirror on the night of their wedding at Hotel Endsleigh! Fun!! Fun!! Fun!!


To check our availability for your date please click here.





Next, budget willing, you will want to book things up – and number 1 – is the venue!

Yes we all know the dress is the most important part of your wedding day!

And if you are anything like me, I have been thinking about my wedding dress since the age of 8

at my cousin Maureen’s wedding!

So this is exciting! However, before you can reserve your photo booth (and everything else),

you will need to have your venue and your proposed wedding date to hand.

pic/ Dolly our vw camper style photo booth! Very popular with everyone including the bride!