Torquay Grammar Schools Prom – much more than a bit of a do!


Last night we were at the Torquay Girls and Boys Grammar School Prom at the Imperial Hotel in Torquay.

This week has been a real eye opener! We’ve done 2 proms so far and I’ve been totally gobsmacked at the high level of glamour
and sophistication of them. The boys – all smooth & stylish in tuxes – the girls stunning in ball
gowns and gorgeous designer shoes.

Proms are so different from how things were when we were leaving school all those hundreds of years ago. For our leavers’ do, we wore ripped tops, ra ra skirts and crucifixes (blame Madonna). Torquay Grammar schools prom budget ran to a hotel venue, a buffet, a DJ and a photo booth – at my school in the early eighties we had a disco (record player) in the school’s lower hall and a plate of custard creams!

For most of the academic year Torquay Girls Grammar School and Torquay Boys Grammar School – divided by a playing field –
never meet except on the bus or in the shop. But for one night only, these two mega schools get together to party the
night away at their school prom! It was such a gorgeous glamorous do and everyone was so friendly and nice.

TGGS and TBGS – thank you so much for booking us!

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