Tipples, canapes, speed networking & a disappearing wall!


Last night, loads & loads of wedding professionals from all walks of the industry gathered together at the very stunning wedding venue, Coombe Trenchard (practically our next door neighbour) in pretty West Devon.

Laurence and I joined them to tell our fellow wedding suppliers all about Yellowbooth and our fun photo booths.

We arrived at Coombe Trenchard to the seductive tones of a classical guitarist. Immediately we felt as though we’d arrived somewhere very special and important.


After being served some fizz and offered a name badge, we mingled with other wedding suppliers as we enjoyed the grandeur of all the rooms. I pinned our photos to the line (silly photo booth pics of Laurence & myself working hard inside the photo booth see below) and joined the others in the buzzing main foyer.

Loz in tears mardi gras

Harriet and graham me

First of all, we got to meet & hear from Hazel – our event organizer – she welcomed us and introduced us all to the night ahead. Next, we found out all about this gorgeous building we were standing in from our venue host Sarah Marsh. She introduced us to her amazing disappearing wall! Excellent!!


We then grabbed our coats and crossed the lovely lawn for the the speed networking session in The Coach House (which I think is the perfect location of the evening wedding reception). We grabbed a glass of water (for lubrication) and found a seat.

After hearing our guest speaker, the games commenced as we began speed networking!

With a gathering of over a hundred wedding suppliers you can imagine how loud it became during the ‘speed networking’ session! For 1 minute we got to extol the virtues of Yellowbooth photo booths, the next minute the person opposite us gets to do the same about their company. Next, business cards are exchanged and then you do it all again with the next person in the row. I think I speed networked about 15 different people and could feel my voice box shrivelling to the size of a pea! But it was good though!

It was really nice to meet others working in the local area and finding out all about their products and services. I met a fantastic bridal gown designer called Christine Trewinnard as well as wedding planning company Jenny Wren. We met Tabitha who is currently working on getting her own wedding venue Paschoe House in Crediton finished and ready for action – we’re watching that space to see how she gets on! Also we rubbed shoulders with enigmatic Gavan Goulder (The Day That) from sunny St Ives who’s speciality wedding gift portfolio includes a beautiful photograph of the sun rising on any giving day!

After our session speed networking we heard how to benefit from Snap Chat as a wedding supplier. Very interesting talk! We’re looking into this as I speak!

I can highly recommend this networking event to anybody in the wedding industry in Devon and Cornwall to join in – just get in touch with organizer Hazel Parsons to find out when the next ‘Meet Up’ is due to take place!