Last Christmas ‘squish-up’ at the Proud Camden


Salt Yard Group – one of the many stunning images on the night.


Last Sunday night was fun!  The Yellowbooth-mobile headed off down the M4 to the tourist’s fave, Camden Market in London where we were booked to bring a few LOL moments across to the good folks of the Salt Yard Group’s Christmas party. Famed for their tapas restaurants around London, they were a nice bunch of people who really owned the dance floor! I thought I’d been transported back to Saturday Night Fever – John Travolta obviously had been given the night off!

We loved the venue,  it was an unusual one! Once a 19th century horse hospital, the venue called ‘Proud Camden’ was a large space divided into more intimate settings with sofas and small stages for bands (there was a really good jazz band on when we arrived which was nice ‘building the booth’ music) – perfect for small get-togethers with friends or drinks after work. And it was very busy … and really cobbly – which makes things awkward when unloading our hefty boxes! But, thanks to the help of some really lovely people, we were able to glide through like swans!

We were booked to get the show on the road fairly early, at around 6.30pm, and as we might have expected, visitors to the booth were a little thin on the ground, but it didn’t take long (along with some gentle persuasion from Laurence & myself) before things got really going! Overall, it turned out to be a very lively session with some amazing photo
strips landing in the picture catcher.


The ‘Squish-up’ !


What a photogenic bunch the Salt Yarders were! They even managed a respectable ‘squish-up’ of 12 people … good work! Lives were very nearly lost in the process, but we got there in the end!!

At the end of the night….

Oh, nearly forgot to say, that the fun didn’t stop there as at the end of the night we met a traffic warden on the very verge of popping us with a ticket for parking without loading. He told us we would need to prove we were loading and without a hint of irony. There was us standing there with 2 large boxes, 3 huge panel bags and an assortment of bags. Perhaps it wasn’t all that obvious after all.  He let us off in the end which was very nice of him! They’re not all bad, are they?