Say Cheese!! All go photobooth CRACKERS in sumptuous Surrey!


RAC Epsom

Picture: The handsome building of Woodcote Park, Surrey. Home of the Royal Automobile Club.


Wow! Set in 350 acres of Surrey parkland, our last booking of the weekend was at the stately country clubhouse of Woodcote Park in Epsom, the second home of the Royal Automobile Club.

Another of the organization’s generous staff christmas parties within grand surroundings, we felt so chuffed to yet again become a part of the proceedings and to help the hardworking staff let their hair down and have a really good time – via the charms of our stunning black photobooth.

Pssst…..When the revellers began to file in and indulge in a little photobooth entertainment, we discovered that our booth had become famous after Friday night’s party in Pall Mall. This of course was music to our ears as it’s always good to hear positive feedback – it confirms you’re getting it right!



Picture: Cakes, glorious cakes on the next table at the party! I only had one but was tempted to taste a few more!


Now then, luckily for us, we were invited to join the guests and partake in the fabulous tapas buffet spread! Furthermore, our photobooth was positioned within very close proximity of the cheeses, cake & dessert table – amazing little puds just a fork and a stretch away! How did we ever contain ourselves???



Picture: Jessie in disguise & ready for action!


Tonight, Jessie (the inflatable green donkey who travels everywhere we go) got to join in the entertainment and was the star of the show from what we could tell by all the photos! To be upstaged by a little inflatable donkey – will our self esteems ever recover?!

Thanks again Alexia for booking us to entertain the troops! The 2 nights at the Royal Automobile Club were excellent & such a good laugh – we felt privileged to be there!


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