Saucy fun in Worcester! Fancy dress high jinx caught on camera!





Our host ‘Mrs Browns-Boys’  (holding Jessie) with her team!


If ever there was a night in need of a party to cheer things up, it was rainy old last Thursday night! We took a trip over to Worcester for the Imperial Tobacco party at the prestigious Park Hall near Blakedown where we were booked by Rachel who we met at Gary’s 50th Aloha house party in St Clether.


Remembering Gary’s great Aloha houseparty in St Clether in Cornwall 3rd January 2014 ….



Fancy dress competition winner, Lu the Whoopie Cushion!


We brought along all our props (as well as Jessie, the green inflatable donkey) but the Imperial Tobacco team were ahead of the game with their own fancy dress costumes! There were the bunny girls, the naughty school girls, the ladies footie team, a green Billy Bunter, a pirate of the Caribbean, the onesy posse (very nice! a firm fave of our’s), a giant whoopie cushion and our host ‘Mrs Browns-Boys’ herself!


Park Hall

Our lovely venue, Park Hall in Worcester.


When we arrived, the Imperial team building meeting was in full swing – so keen to keep a low profile, we had a bit of a tip-toe and a ‘nosey’ round the luxurious Park Hall! We thought we’d arrived on the set of Downton Abbey and half expected Lady Mary to glide down the sweeping staircase. Wow! This was set to be a house party with a difference!



The naughty school girls – uncontrollable! The first to run riot in the booth.


9 times out of 10, we are asked to start up earlier than has been booked and previously arranged. Our feeling is, if the booth is ready early it might as well be on and enjoyed by the guests. Before we could say “We declare the photo booth open!” – in the blink of an eye, in swooped our mates, the naughty school girls and hot on their heels came the bunny girls. The thing about a photo booth, it’s so much fun, party goers just can’t wait to say “cheese”!

To cut a long story short, it was a crazy lively night! Half way through a curry van parked up and opened up its hatch to serve us hungry souls with a tasty meal of madras, korma, balti or tikka massala with rice, a naan and/or chips. It went down a treat with everyone – including us!

Thanks for booking Yellowbooth, Rachel and all at Imperial Tobacco!

Such a great party and really nice people – your photos tell a few tales!


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