Proud to return to the Stables at Camden!

proud gallery 2

The walkway up to the venue (lounges, karaoke booths, and more … pole-dancing anyone?)

We love Camden in North London so when the opportunity arose to travel down there, we jumped at it! We brought the photo booth down to the Salt Yard Group’s Christmas Party last year so it was good to see everyone again – partying hard and enjoying a spot of posing in the booth – just as we did last year – the photos were amazing.

Anyone thinking of throwing a party in London should really check out the Proud gallery at the Stables in Camden. It’s an atmospheric venue with an efficient team to ensure everything runs smoothly.

There were a few other similarities – such as the traffic warden who was so hot on our tail as we searched in vain for a parking spot to unload the booth, that he (on his moped) nearly crashed into our van. Luckily though, no traffic wardens were injured in the making of this blog…

Apart from the parking (or lack of it) situation, we enjoyed our ramble round the The Stables courtyards jam packed with stalls with colourful fare, bohemian designer chic and fantastic food from all around the world. The Street Food yard next to the canal is right up our particular street boasting spicy foods in wraps, noodles and stews from Peru, Italy, Vietnam, Turkey and more. If you haven’t been – it comes highly recommended from us – especially if you’re an arty type (like us!) and you like festivals.

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