Pall Mall party LOVED Yellowbooth!

Pall Mall

Picture: The impressive foyer & gallery at the Royal Automobile Club in Pall Mall, London. The fab staff party took place in the ballroom upstairs.


What a night! Last Friday, we humble Yellowboothers rose to the lofty heights of Pall Mall in London delivering great photo booth entertainment for the staff party at the Royal Automobile Club. The clubhouse at Pall Mall dates back to 1911 – the organization was actually founded in 1897. A gentleman’s (and nowadays, ladies’) club, the Royal Automobile Club is recognised for its dominant role in the development of driving throughout the years along the roads of Great Britain.

Every year the club turns the tables on it’s employees with an elegant christmas party.

We felt so proud to be asked to attend such a unique venue – though, at first, being art lovers and so close to the National Gallery, we thought we’d have to miss out on it all what with time being tight – UNTIL, that is, we saw the jaw dropping gallery of the Pall Mall clubhouse main hall which was absolutely packed with show-stopping contemporary oil paintings.

Amazing art, amazing venue, really nice people – I know we say this about every gig, but this was one was so good (too!). All suited, booted and gowned to the nines, the jolly party-oers really loved the photo booth (and Jessie our famous green inflatable donkey) – and the resulting pictures were stunning! We left the Pall Mall in the early hours feeling pretty pleased with ourselves of a job well done.

This time tomorrow evening we would find ourselves 120 miles away at a fabulous Masquerade Ball in Somerset at our next booking. Yellowboothers are go!

Many many thanks to our host Alexia for booking Yellowbooth for your party!! We look forward to seeing you at the next party!

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