Mardi Gras party in Somerset – ALL feathers, masks & mystery!



Picture: Yellowboother Laurence with partygoers Donna and Hayley. (Can I have him back now please?)


Last Saturday evening, we arrived at our next venue, that of the Haynes International Motor Museum at Sparkford in the depths of lovely Somerset.

The colours and atmosphere of the New Orleans Mardi Gras greeted the hard working staff of Johnson’s Stalbridge Linen from Shaftesbury as they arrived for their annual christmas party!

Kicking off at 9.30pm, the photo booth was rarely empty long enough for a quick scurry round and a tidy up when along would arrive new set of mysterious masked party-goers. What a great night!! Sadly Jessie, our infamous green inflatable donkey had to sit this party out and had a good sleep in the car for 5 hours. The fancy dress props provided by our host Carol were fantastic – a big bright and cheerful range of feather boas and fancy masks were very popular and added to the pictures a treat!

It’s always nice to feel popular and the ladies of Stalbridge did their best to bolster Laurence’s self esteem by requesting his presence in the booth. He of course, ever the professional Yellowboother, jumped (with joy!) at their command!

The thing about feather boas is… they do ¬†leave such a mess…

At the end of the night, one of the cleaners said the place looked like a chicken coop! I felt so guilty about the mess that as soon as her back was turned I picked up every feather I could find and stashed them all in my pockets – and of course, forgot all about them until I took the laundry out of the washing machine just now! There’s only one thing worse than feathers everywhere – wet feathers everywhere! Won’t do that again in a hurry!

Thanks so much to our host Carol for booking us for the hugely successful winter masquerade ball!

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