Liz & Steve’s lovely summer wedding … featuring special guests, ‘the nans’!

the nans

Here come ‘the Nans’!

If you haven’t been to the Edgemoor House Hotel and you’d love a homely atmosphere within grand surroundings, you’d definitely fall in love with the Edgemoor!

Liz & Steve Hancox held their delightful wedding day here and you couldn’t really blame them for their choice. I particularly love the smell of rolled tobacco and freshly ground coffee that follows you from room to room – it takes me back to when we used to stay with my Nan over the school summer holidays. The perfect place for a wedding – they EVEN do cream teas as well (which as a special treat were served to the wedding party in the pretty gardens). We love the Edgemoor!

Strategically positioned in ‘The Old School Tea Rooms’ apart from the disco our vw camper van photo booth enjoyed a nice steady stream of visitors and we had a chance to chat to the wedding guests – (makes a nice change!). You could hear the music in the background enough to jig around and enjoy the party atmosphere. All was great, that was, until ‘the nans’ appeared – then things got even better! Dressed in giant Elvis glasses, feather boas, Dame Edna specs and party hats, the ladies entered the booth – everybody held their breaths till the first flash went off and the first picture appeared on the external viewer screen. They looked fantastic! The roar of cheers gave me goosebumps! Who says photo booths are only for young people!! Fun for all ages – guaranteed!

Oh what a lovely wedding that was! Thank you ever so much for booking us for your ‘do’ Liz & Steve!

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