I’ve heard of photo-bombing, but birdy-bombing??


Vam & Joe with guests!

Last Saturday our VW campervan photo booth was booked for the really awesome family home wedding of Vam & Joe Farrands. Lovely couple Vam & Joe and their friends and family all dressed in morning suits enjoyed a ceremony and main party in a massive american indian style teepee – wow!! This was wedding festival meets glamping!

As huge as it was, there wasn’t enough height on the teepee to allow for the photo booth so we were positioned in the summer house with a replica stag head and a family of unhappy swallows who were not averse to pooping at a moment’s notice.

The wedding guests were such a nice bunch of people and very lively when it came to popping into the booth for a snap or two! My particular fave on the night was the charming scotsman who needed to prove he was a true scot! Glad I could be of assistance with my stool!

Usually by the end of the night, our brides are all photo-d out – not our lovely bride Vam whom absolutely everyone wanted their picture taken with…and she was more than happy to consent!

Congratulations Vam & Joe!! Lovely to meet you! Thanks for having us! Caz

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