Hew & Donna get married in sunny Mevagissey! !

All the pics from Hew & Donna’s photo booth are here!

donna and hew polpier 5

Hew & Donna were married at Polpier in Mevagissey and, lucky us, we were booked to bring the photo booth!


Lovely Mevagissey in the evening! This is the view from Polpier House during the reception.

To live in Mevagissey it helps if you’re a tri-athlete to cope with those near vertical hills and you need NERVES OF STEEL to manage the narrow 2 way corridors that they call roads – I often find it helps when you keep your eyes shut (preferably when I’m not in the driver’s seat!!) But, you can’t argue that this is one of Cornwall’s most pretty of towns with so much character to boot!

Go into any pub in Mevagissey and they’ll tell you the best things to do here involve a pub, the harbour and a sun set. It is total bliss – CORNWALL style!


Our cheeky selfie on the way up to Polpier today!

We are so lucky! Thanks to our photo booth business we get to visit these amazing coastal towns (and in Cornwall there are so so many!) all with their stunning wedding venues! It’s a tough job but someone has to do it! 🙂

donna and hew polpier 1

 Belgrave wedding. Action!

Yesterday, on the 22nd of May, Hew & Donna Belgrave were married at a room (I mean) house with a view. Just like the stunning Merchant Ivory film, there was glamour, intellectual chat, vast views and loads of lovely sunshine (tho Cornish not Italian).

beer pong

But unlike the film made from the EM Forster book there was a pretty white photo booth and a ‘friendly’ game of ……. BEER pong!!! Rules (just the one really): drink the beer in the cup that your opponent throws their ball into (1 bounce allowed). You will need beer, cups, a table tennis ball and a thirst!

donna and hew polpier 2

Donna and her Team Bride!

The photo booth went down a storm with everyone. The props were used with gusto and a few more besides (fun steampunk goggles, a missionary hat, a sword and a clapperboard were added and thoroughly enjoyed too!)

The photos were nuts and are all here. Enjoy your images on our online gallery! 🙂

Congratulations to the happy couple, Hew & Donna! Thankyou for booking us for your excellent reception at Polpier!  lots love, Caz & Laurence xx

Donna and Hew polpier

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