Happy memories … A stylish wedding at Dunster Castle !

Dunster castle 1

Dunster Castle – an amazing wedding venue!


Now that we’re at the end of the wedding season, I have such happy memories of our travels with the photo booth during the year. One wedding that was really amazing was that at Dunster Castle nr Minehead… our fabulous bride & groom were Charlotte & Steven Dyer.


Our bride & groom, Charlotte & Steven (looking good!)


The bride & groom were a really nice couple and had such great taste with a real sense of style which was immediately clear in their wedding marquee up at the castle on the 6th September. Every tiny detail had been carefully considered down to the Steven & Charlotte logo, The neon bar, the boat of drinks and the glorious cakes.


The (ahem!) perks of the job…

If you love weddings (and I do!!!), this is a brilliant business to be in – not just because of all the yummy wedding cakes (calorie counters beware!) you get to nibble but because if you’re lucky and you have some free time on your hands, you get to explore new places – in this case, the medieval village of Dunster. I love old towns and villages and couldn’t believe my luck that I had the free time to wander around the little shops and cobbled streets – Dunster was full of cute timber frame buildings. I found an old pub to check into for a spot of R&R – perfect. Dunster’s a painter’s paradise and next time I’m definitely bringing my paints with me.



All squeeze into the photo booth … body count: 11 (that’s Charlotte on the right btw)


The night back at the castle was very lively – the booth didn’t stop for a minute! The DJ was a good laugh and there was some high jinx on the dance floor I can tell you. We all had such a good laugh! Even Michael Jackson joined in! I know Dunster Castle is supposed to be haunted, but when Michael Jackson showed up I was a little surprised to say the least!! Whooooa! What a great night!

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