Gemma races to her photo booth party at Brympton, South West!


Saturday’s wedding venue – the Orangerie at Brympton d’Evercy

Sometimes things overrun at a wedding – it’s not unheard of that the best man’s speech is longer than expected or, as in Saturday night,

the guests were having such a good time they were not in too much of a hurry to get stuck into the wedding breakfast. We were booked to start the photo booth at 8pm but it wasn’t until 9.30pm that we saw anyone! To my surprise the first person I saw was the bride – DOING A HIGH SPEED DASH!


Olly & Gemma – the bride & groom!


When I first laid eyes on our lovely bride Gemma at Brympton House she was RUNNING  faster than Usain Bolt! Lucky for her groom Olly she wasn’t making a getaway from him but rather heading over to us in a separate location, the Orangerie (venue for the reception), trying to avoid getting drenched from the rain.



Brympton House … in the rain (just before the Bride’s 40 yard dash!)

Danielle, the Brympton’s interiors designer has a miraculous way about her – a rare talent. She is able to turn a room stuffed with old furniture and a few accessories into something out of a glossy magazine. At the previous wedding we worked at on the Thursday, Danielle had transformed the stone Orangerie with fairy lights, bunting and candles into a country chic idyll whilst on Saturday night she created a stylish contemporary setting with crystal pendulum chandeliers, vintage ornaments, fresh flowers and…



 a sumptuous ‘chocolate bar’ (how did I manage to resist?!)



Our white wedding booth – ready & waiting.




Watch out…there’s a photo bomber about!!



Our lovely new word props are really popular.


As the wedding party were delayed getting to us, we decided to keep the booth open for as long as we could after the allotted time – we didn’t want to close the booth whilst it was in full swing – there might have been a riot on our hands!! 🙂

Such really nice people. My favourite was Olly’s best man who was responsible for hunting down the bride and groom and putting them in the photo booth together. And at the end of the night took charge of the guest book so that no harm could come to it. He was definitely the Best Man by my reckoning (excluding the groom naturally!)!!
Congratulations to the happy couple! Thanks for having us along to your special day!

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