Our ‘Pudsey Booth’ at the BBC Children In Need show!


We were ever so excited when the BBC got in touch to ask us to provide a photo facility at what was the forthcoming Children In Need Live Show due to be filmed at the University of Exeter last Friday night.

But our photo booths aren’t really big enough to cope with (and no offence meant!) Pudsey’s size! He’s a BIG YELLOW very cuddly bear and would probably take up the whole of the inside of the photo booth – leaving no room for anybody else!! 🙂


One of our regular photo booth – PERFECT for humans – not so roomy for big cuddly bears!!

We needed a photo booth big enough for Pudsey…but how were we to do this?

We put on our thinking caps and took it to the drawing board and it wasn’t long before we’d figured out how to solve this unique problem.


The back of the photo booth would be removed so that a ‘pod’ like unit remained. Next we had to devise a way of increasing the height of the screen and the camera…and BINGO! We would be ready for Pudsey and anyone who wanted a photo with the cuddly bear on Children In Need night!

Once modified and tested, our special Children In Need ‘pod’ photo booth was ready for action. All that was needed was for the unique Pudsey logo to be added to all the print outs on the night and we had a bona fide “PUDSEY-BOOTH”!


We arrived at the University of Exeter at around 3.45pm on the day of filming!

As we loaded our booth onto trolleys off to the filming area, great swarms of busy students were walking the other way, and the gang from Active8 had arrived too! There was a lot going on – with BBC technicians and serious looking people in headpieces getting on with the serious job of filming for the LIVE show.


It was a great experience! With Reuben and his Dad entertaining us throughout the night and Molly from the BBC catering for everyone’s needs – we had a fab time!

The pod-booth was a great success with loads of award winners having their photos snapped with and without Pudsey, including the BBC Children In Need filming crew.


And YES we did appear on LIVE tv! Look out for the black silhouettes in the background waving!;-)


If you would like to book our pod-booth or one of our full photo booths for your event, we’d love to hear from you! We LOVE a challenge!!

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