Bringing the ‘SCREAM’ to your Halloween !


Green ‘Scream’ Extreme – The HAND is coming to get YOU !!!

Halloween is just around the corner and it won’t be long before those Trick or Treaters are marching down the road like great armies of bucket shaking bone shaking zombies scaring the rest of us WITLESS!!

Why not book a Yellowbooth photo booth and scare everyone even more with our special Green ‘Scream’ Extreme?

halloween (1)

Happy Halloween!

With a selection of dark, eerie and down right freaky backdrops everyone who enters the photo booth gets a surprise after the flash goes off! Up on the screen you find yourself in a dingy dungeon chased by a walking skeleton or a ghostly hand (and no body) appears from nowhere.


Eeek! Get me out of heeeere!!!

Everybody loves our special Green Screen Extreme – specially developed by us for our customers – and taking the photo booth experience into an alternative dimension!

Having a Halloween party? How scary do you want it to be? You tell us and we create the ghastly surprises!!

If you’d like to book a photo booth for your party we’d love to hear from you? Please call us  FREE on 0800 7720325 or get an online quote through our website at

Book a green screen extreme photo booth for your party in Exeter and who know’s where you will end up?

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