A FAB photobooth booking at Tunnels Beaches!



Emma & Jim – the happiest of newlyweds who were married at Tunnels Beaches

Devon and the south west are blessed with fantastic wedding venues and one of our ultimate favourites is that of the amazing Tunnels Beaches at Ilfracombe in North Devon.


A popular visitors attraction for its Victorian bathing coves – with one for the gentlemen and one for the ladies – the wedding venue is dramatically set within the dark cliffs of the North Devon coast at this secluded location.


Boasting generous sea views, palm trees, fire pits and glass fronted multiple tier contemporary architecture – Tunnels Beaches is a popular choice for brides and grooms who prefer a unique setting for their wedding.


Friday 7th April 2017 turned out to be the perfect day for a wedding!

Last week we found ourselves up at Tunnels again for Emma & Jim Donovan’s wedding reception! It was a stunning day! The sun was out and the day was full of promise for a great night in the making!


That’s a plan 🙂

We’d got to know Emma before meeting her on the day and really enjoyed discussing her needs for the photo booth.

We were batting around ideas for the green screen –

she loved in particular the vintage theme and ended up patching through

some stunning early morning photos from her pre-wedding run

around the harbour which were amazing and looked a treat as a back drop to the photos.

In the end we used the Punch & Judy tent, a vintage seaside photograph, a sun kissed

view of Ilfracombe and a stunning photo of ‘Verity’. They all looked really nice on the print outs. We were very happy! 🙂


Damien Hirst’s ‘Verity’ was photographed

by Emma on the morning of her wedding

and used later that night in the photo booth.

We arrived at the venue at around 6pm after hitting the Braunton traffic and trollied the photo booth

down the tunnel whilst the newlyweds and their guests were

enjoying some delicious food from the barbecue.


Emma & Jim chose Minty the vw camper photo booth!

In no time at all the vw camper photo booth was set up in the bar on the ground floor and dressed (with bunting & boas), the fancy dress goodies were assembled (complete with chalkboards) and their personalized guestbook was displayed invitingly. The aim is to get as many people as possible to add their personal messages alongside their photo strips to the book.

We were due to open the booth at 7.30pm and before we knew it the feathers of the white boa were snowing down on us with the frenzy of it all! Emma & Jim’s guests absolutely LOVED the booth and lost no time in trying out all the props!


At 8pm, we all watched a beautiful sunset!

Something that you nearly always get at Tunnels Beaches …

but only during the wedding season!


After popping out to take a crafty photo of the sunset, I returned to find the booth chock-a-block with ladies and right smack bang in the middle was Emma! She looked beautiful and we had a lovely hug hello!

Tunnels-Beaches -photobooth

In between all the belly laughs, a sweet little girl called Ava (pictured)

who is the bride’s niece, made the booth her new home

for the next couple of hours! By the end of the night she ended up

with a fistful of photo strips that she was so thrilled with!


The BRAND NEW Mr & Mrs Donovan (Jim & Emma) & Ilfracombe!

We loved our time at Tunnels! The night went really well! At the allotted time, the dancing struck up upstairs and things settled down downstairs until Emma & Jim returned to enjoy some more photos of themselves as well as a private moment together.

We had a great chat with Emma at the end of the night.

It was really lovely to hear about the ceremony –

being the photo-boothers, we always get to miss the actual wedding and

we wished we could have been there! 🙂

Our congratulations to the happy couple! 🙂

We were so chuffed to get picked to provide the photo booth entertainment for the Donovan’s wedding reception. Thank you for your kind words below!

“It was really lovely to meet you. You both did the most brilliant job – everyone has said how much fun it was. My niece Ava was so funny – she is in practically every photo with people!! I love the guestbook you made – it was lovely for us to look at this morning. Thank you.
We love the photos they are ace. I’ll share your FB post and if you need a testimonial to say how ace you are…  just shout!
Thank you for being so fantastic – really think you’re both fab!
Em and Jim x”

Happy to say, all the photos taken in the booth on the night of the wedding are now available here – all ready for viewing, sharing and tagging.

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Norma’s BIG SURPRISE at Hornsbury Mill !


We love visiting our venues in Somerset! Yesterday we visited Hornsbury Mill 🙂

The drive over from West Devon is gorgeous and on a bright sunny day, there’s nothing better than travelling along the A30 through all that stunning scenery on a peaceful Sunday afternoon with the anticipation of a party! And not just any old party, but a cream tea surprise party for the fabulous Norma!!

Afternoon tea with a plain scone, clotted Cornish cream and strawberry jam
Nothing like a mouth watering cream tea!!

The location of the big surprise party was the stunning water mill at Chard – Hornsbury Mill.

For months and months, Norma’s daughters, Caz and Ally, have been keeping a secret from their mum. And speaking as someone who has organised a surprise party for my better half Laurence, it is not easy!!! Especially if the person you want to spring the surprise on is naturally very inquisitive as was Norma – but they pulled it off!


A selection of jolly Spring season fancy dress props for Norma & photoboothing guests 🙂

Yesterday afternoon, 150 souls were concealed within the water mill awaiting the first sighting of Norma! When she appeared, ooh she looked pretty stunned – especially seeing a packed room full of friends old and new when she was actually expecting a small gathering of family for a cream tea!



Norma loved her surprise! And she loved her Yellowbooth photo booth (actually, it was white :-)) as did her friends and family – as most dressed up to the nines in fancy dress bits and bobs and ducked into the booth with speed and efficiency! The second set of photos were glued (by my good self!) into Norma’s special guestbook.


Psst! I wonder if Norma will recognize her husband…


Hello Sailor!

What a lovely afternoon! We met some fantastic people and enjoyed meeting Norma and her fab secret keeping daughters, some peacocks and the friendly hospitality team at Hornsbury Mill. And we finished work whilst it was still light – in the photo booth world – that doesn’t happen very often!!


The peacocks brought their own fancy dress!

All the photos are now ready for viewing at (photos) enjoy! 🙂


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