Party Photo Booth – Yellowbooth to the rescue!!


As we’re into the party season, I want to share my experiences of organising the office Christmas party – as well as what to do and (aside from booking your brilliant photo booth), how to get started with your new role of party planner!

“Any volunteers to sort out this year’s Christmas Party?” called out my boss to an empty office with only me in it. So guess who got the job!

Seriously, who’s going to volunteer for the least enviable job in the office calendar – outside of collecting everyone’s weekly lottery money (I did this as well!) – to plan the office Christmas party? Woo hoo!

That said, now that you have the official label of ‘Christmas Office Party Organiser’, what happens now?

cup of tea

First of all, KEEP CALM ….& make a cup of tea!

(My answer to all horrors that life throws my way!! 🙂

With all this responsibility often comes perks! You’ll get time off work. The boss will accept you leaving early and clambering into work late. Work it! The other side of the coin is that unless you are Superwoman, you won’t get half your workload done and will work longer hours rather than shorter ones!

Having been on the receiving end of this ‘enviable’ role at the end of the office calendar, I know that you now become the office’s least popular person, if for no other reason, than because you are going around bringing up the subject of ‘Christmas’ and it’s months away! Months!!

And wait till you start asking for a contribution towards the bar bill. Good times!! 🙂 But as I say, there’ll be perks – drinks by the gallon load will be bought for you on the night and you’ll get loads of pats on the back – promotion here you come! I didn’t get so much as a peak at a promotion but I get the feeling you will!

But seriously, NOW is most definitely the time to get into gear and get booking things up or there’ll be no party and you won’t be thanked for that either!


Introducing your office photo booth!

As a photo booth company catering for all kinds of parties, the key is to beat the rush and reserve your Christmas party photo booth before they run out. To check our availability, please see our photo booth enquiry page.

There’s a load of things that you need to think about including a date, a budget, a theme, food & drinks, printing (tickets and posters), dj and entertainment and above all else, you will need to find a suitable venue.

In our brilliant region of the South West, we are full to bursting with amazing venues of all shapes and sizes and to suit all budgets!

stonehouse 2

A photo booth is a fun addition to a party! Everyone loves a feather boa!

Depending on the numbers you have to cater for and your budget, you will be spoiled for choice.

From a small function room in a social club (which are often free with a bar provided) to a larger hotel where catering can be provided as well as entertainment and a waitressing service too all for a nominal charge per head).

Working as we do in the photo booth industry within the fun realm of party entertainment for some years, we have come to recognize and appreciate some amazing venues up and down the region.

There are so many great party venues in and around Devon, including Exeter, Plymouth, Tavistock and around north Devon. Please see our list of Devon party venues to help get you started. 🙂 


Sutton Harbour, home of The Loft – top party venue in Plymouth!


Even Frosty the beach Snowman is set for the office party photo booth!

There’s a simple alternative to booking a Devon party venue ….

Why not have your party in the office … but remember to lock away the photo copier! 🙂

If you would like to hire a photo booth for your Christmas party in Devon, Cornwall or Somerset, give us a call on (freephone) 0800 7720325 or for an instant quote online, visit our website at Ask us for a free ‘green screen’ worth £40 adding an extra dimension of fun to the mix!