Hew & Donna get married in sunny Mevagissey! !

All the pics from Hew & Donna’s photo booth are here!

donna and hew polpier 5

Hew & Donna were married at Polpier in Mevagissey and, lucky us, we were booked to bring the photo booth!


Lovely Mevagissey in the evening! This is the view from Polpier House during the reception.

To live in Mevagissey it helps if you’re a tri-athlete to cope with those near vertical hills and you need NERVES OF STEEL to manage the narrow 2 way corridors that they call roads – I often find it helps when you keep your eyes shut (preferably when I’m not in the driver’s seat!!) But, you can’t argue that this is one of Cornwall’s most pretty of towns with so much character to boot!

Go into any pub in Mevagissey and they’ll tell you the best things to do here involve a pub, the harbour and a sun set. It is total bliss – CORNWALL style!


Our cheeky selfie on the way up to Polpier today!

We are so lucky! Thanks to our photo booth business we get to visit these amazing coastal towns (and in Cornwall there are so so many!) all with their stunning wedding venues! It’s a tough job but someone has to do it! 🙂

donna and hew polpier 1

 Belgrave wedding. Action!

Yesterday, on the 22nd of May, Hew & Donna Belgrave were married at a room (I mean) house with a view. Just like the stunning Merchant Ivory film, there was glamour, intellectual chat, vast views and loads of lovely sunshine (tho Cornish not Italian).

beer pong

But unlike the film made from the EM Forster book there was a pretty white photo booth and a ‘friendly’ game of ……. BEER pong!!! Rules (just the one really): drink the beer in the cup that your opponent throws their ball into (1 bounce allowed). You will need beer, cups, a table tennis ball and a thirst!

donna and hew polpier 2

Donna and her Team Bride!

The photo booth went down a storm with everyone. The props were used with gusto and a few more besides (fun steampunk goggles, a missionary hat, a sword and a clapperboard were added and thoroughly enjoyed too!)

The photos were nuts and are all here. Enjoy your images on our online gallery! 🙂

Congratulations to the happy couple, Hew & Donna! Thankyou for booking us for your excellent reception at Polpier!  lots love, Caz & Laurence xx

Donna and Hew polpier

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A Royal Welcome for Jason & Sally’s Tregenna Castle photo booth!

Please click here for All photos taken in Jason & Sally’s photo booth!


tregenna castle 1

We can’t resist Tregenna Castle!

Tregenna Castle is in St Ives on the north coast of Cornwall and has the best views for miles around. The seagulls are mega scary (especially when you have a bag of fish & chips in your hand!)  but don’t let that put you off – it is such a unique seaside town – no wonder it’s so popular – ESPECIALLY for stunning weddings! We found ourselves at one yesterday!

jason tregenna

It’s ok Jason, she loves you really!!

We had the pleasure of driving our vw camper over to Tregenna Castle for the scrumptious wedding of Jason & Sally. What a night it turned out to be!! 🙂

jason tregenna 4

It was a busy night for the booth with above all, the teens and unders creatively coming up with loads of combinations with the prop box. They were excited from the moment they spotted the booth when they returned to the reception room – I think I heard ” it’s an ACTUAL bona fide photo booth!!” from one of the older lads. It was all go from there!



Later on, when asked what they thought of the booth, they responded that it was amazing. It’s always good to hear, even from our most discerning of ‘customers’ the teenagers!!


Bride & Groom in disguise! Ears to you!

Congratulations to Sally (loved loved loved your gown!!! I too really loved the stunning black touch – it was gorgeous!) & to your lovely groom Jason! Thanks for being so warm and welcoming ! xx

A big thank you to the so helpful staff at Tregenna Castle – you are brilliant!!

All the pics taken in the booth on the night are here  Enjoy!! 🙂


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Kathryn & Sam get married in style at Tunnels Beaches!

Click here for Kathryn & Sam’s wedding photo booth pics.



Tunnels Beaches is a lovely wedding venue! You can’t beat a sea view, a beautiful sunset and a private bathing beach all to yourself on your big day!

We’ve met many newlyweds up at ‘Tunnels’ and they all seem to agree that it’s just like being abroad. And when the sun is out as it was last Sunday, it’s a wedding venue that’s second to none!! (BTW if you fancy visiting this wonderful landmark you don’t have to get married – as it’s a local attraction that is popular to many many visitors week in, week out!)

Our brilliant booth attendant Meg drove the VW camper photobooth along to sunny Ilfracombe in north Devon for a very special wedding reception.

kathryn tunnels 4

Congratulations to Kathryn & Sam who were married on Sunday – from all of us at Yellowbooth! All your glossy photo booth images are online.

Kathryn tunnels

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Plain sailing for newlyweds Sarah & Dave in Fowey!

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Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!!! You just can’t beat a lovely wedding by the Cornish coast! Last night we drove the minty blue vw camper photo booth down to Fowey for Sarah & Dave’s wedding party at the Fowey Gallants Sailing Club. Amazing, unique town with gorgeous views so beautiful that you had to pinch yourself that you were there.


Congratulations to Sarah & Dave on getting married and for booking Yellowbooth  for your big fun ‘do’! It was great getting to know everyone!

Everybody LOVED the photo booth but none more so than our beautiful bride, school teacher Sarah who was in there at every opportunity! And that’s how we like it! We trialed some new props including the angel fish head, the mona lisa mask, the big lips on sticks and they went down a storm! Luckily on the night there was no sign of a real storm! Good job as I can’t swim and I forgot to pack my rubber ring!

Oh, and those sponge cakes with cream and jam were to DIE for!! I stood back and watched with awe at these perfect sponge towers being turned out from drinking glasses and sliced carefully to reveal tempting rings full of jam and buttercream! Oh and look at how the flowers decorate the plate – a veritable sugary perfection! Yum yum yum!


Not forgetting a BIG thankyou to Gretchen at the Sailing Club and everybody there for the friendly welcome and for helping us settle right in! Hope to see you again soon!! Glad you all had a go in the booth whilst everyone was dancing to the Grease medley! xx


For everyone who wants them, all the photos taken in the photo booth are here. All ready for Facebook and sharing.


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Northover Manor photobooth was a hit at Gina & Kieron’s wedding bash!

Northover manor

Gina & Kieron were married at sea. How romantic is that! Somewhere between Portugal and Spain in the North Atlantic Ocean to be more precise. A beautiful wedding on the waves!

Gina & Kieron decided to have a big party to celebrate in Ilchester and where better than Northover Manor?! 🙂

Northover manor 1

Saturday’s wedding reception at Northover Manor in Ilchester, Somerset is the perfect venue for a big get together in style. As you wander from room to room, at every turn, you see comfy couches and movie posters. Even in the Ladies loos there are things to read to do with the movies. There’s tons of Hitchcock, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant. At Northover Manor – I am in heaven!!

We set up the white wedding photo booth in the room adjourning the bar. There was plenty of room for visitors gathering to watch the outside booth screen and try on props to their hearts’ content. 🙂

We were bowled over when we met Gina! She wore her bridal gown and looked stunning! Kieron couldn’t stop grinning from ear to ear and who could blame him!

As the night drew on, the band played, everyone laughed and were thoroughly entertained – what more could you ask for. The bride & groom even treated everyone to a choreographed first dance. We loved it!!! Strictly here they come!!

If you are getting married and wondering where to have your wedding reception – I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Northover Manor!

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Take care! love Caz xx


Photobooth fun reaches new heights at Jenny & Amy’s wedding!


Dartmoor is amazing! There’s so much on offer such as its wild landscape, cream teas at every turn,  traditional villages, old pubs, the tors, Dartmoor Zoo, the ponies and enormous skies. Last Saturday Dartmoor added a beautiful wedding to it’s ever growing list of attractions.

Dartmoor ponies

Jenny and Amy were married on Saturday and our fabulous Meg was the lucky one who got to host our blue VW camper photo booth at their reception in Sparkwell, Devon.


Thank you so much for booking Yellowbooth and for making Meg feel so welcome! We’re so glad you all enjoyed the booth!

Don’t forget!  All the photos are now online and ready for viewing here.

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Big FIVE O photobooth party sets sail at Plymouth’s Yacht Club


Partying Paul & Alison – marking their 50th birthdays in style!

Saturday night was a busy one for us with photo booths shooting out to parties here there and everywhere.


Laurence drove our green VW camper photo booth (we affectionately call it, Gringo!) down to the Royal Western Yacht Club in Plymouth for the big birthday party of Alison & Paul.

The celebrations were all about Alison & Paul turning the big 5-0! They did it in style too!

loz in the booth

Alison & Yellowbooth’s Laurence looking good in the booth!

BTW… Laurence, love the pic of you in the Statue of Liberty crown – very becoming!! 🙂

As well as all the entertainment laid on inside the venue, the most spectacular of fireworks displays was going on in Plymouth’s night sky. Good timing!!


Happy 50th to the birthday pair! Thank you so much for booking Yellowbooth and for the generous buffet. You can’t beat a tasty hot wing (or two!!)

All of your photos are now available online here.


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Alex & Natalie enjoy their wedding party in amongst the bluebells in Looe!

Treworgey cottages


Cornwall was a beautiful place to be last Saturday! The weather – as though by a miracle – completely changed for the better and with all our booths on the road destined for a wedding – we breathed a sigh of relief for our brides!! 🙂


In love. Alex & Natalie are a dream couple! #A&N

I was lucky enough to find myself working at a particularly gorgeous wedding in a lovely Cornish location, up on a hill with the broadest of views around. Looking around it was easy to see why Alex & Natalie had decided to have their wedding here.

I drove our lovely white photobooth up to Treworgey Cottages at Duloe near Looe in Cornwall for Alex & Natalie Lewis’s evening wedding reception. It was work (technically) but with the sun shining down I felt more like I was going on holiday!

treworgey bluebell woods

In amongst the bluebells. Looking down from Treworgey Cottages!

The wedding guests took a vintage bus ride to the church service before being delivered back to the pretty marquee on the hill surrounded by bluebells, horses and views. It was the sunniest day of the year and turned out to be the perfect wedding ‘do’. Canapes served and drinks poured, the scene was set for a party to remember!


Saaaay Cheeeeese! Cold Feet The Band in the booth!

So great to meet and hear “Cold Feet The Band” who leapt into the photo booth before the last chord ricocheted off the canvas walls. They played Fleetwood Mac better than the real thing! Loved every minute! What a great band!! Hope to see you again soon!!


Great laugh! Couldn’t keep the bridesmaids out of there!

The photo booth was busy throughout the evening. There were brief intervals as the speeches happened – I love it when I get to hear the speeches – they were so entertaining and it feels good to get to know everybody that little bit more!

Congratulations to the happy newlyweds Alex & Natalie Lewis. Thank you to you and your guests for making me feel so welcome! 🙂

All the fun photos taken in the photo booth during the evening can be found here. 

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