Launceston photobooth at Barry’s 30th party!

The BIG 3-0 … a milestone in all of our lives.

Mine passed fairly quietly. My BIG 4-0 was more noteworthy as I decided to climb a mountain but I wouldn’t have minded being kidnapped and chauffered to a party like Barry – that lucky blighter! 🙂


Aw! All is forgiven! Barry & Meg in the photobooth!

Things were much more dramatic for local man Barry Rutherford… on his 30th birthday, poor old Barry was blindfolded and kidnapped by his wife Meg – our vivacious photo booth operator and hair stylist.

Meg had organised a surprise birthday party for him and as far as everyone knew – he had absolutely no idea!

launceston town hall

Launceston Town Hall – another very popular photobooth venue!

Meg knew she had to have Barry’s party at Launceston Football Club so it was a no brainer, but there was loads of choice! There’s the Launceston Town Hall, Launceston Rugby Club, Strawberry Fields, Roadford Lake, Launceston Football Club, Launceston Golf Club and Trethorne Golf Club are among the many local venues available. Yellowbooth are based in the Launceston area and ideally situated for photo booth bookings here and in the south west – whether a wedding or as in Barry’s case, a 30th birthday party! 🙂

But I digress!

As Meg drove her imprisoned husband to the party venue she realized (being a footballer and a player for Launceston FC) that he was more than familiar with the journey from home to the Club and did her best to throw him off the scent.


Barry carries his school photo with pride in the photobooth! Sweet! 🙂

Being a playful kind of person, Meg enjoyed taking this opportunity to lead Barry astray! She zigzagged here there and everywhere so that Barry had no clue as to his destination where unbeknown to him, half of Launceston were waiting to shout out “SURPRISE!!!!” the moment he walked through the door.

With no clue where he was heading and of the reception awaiting him, Barry was amazed when the big surprise was revealed and an amazing time was had by all – inside and outside of the photo booth!

What happened next on this truly memorable night can be found online at the Yellowbooth gallery at our online gallery. Well done Meg for keeping it a surprise for over 2 months! 🙂


Alyce and Luke Cook Up a wedding in sunny Bradford on Avon!

leigh park hotel

Last night we joined the holiday traffic and headed for the Leigh Park Hotel in Swindon because Alyce & Luke Cook were having a wedding reception… for quite a lot of people – at the last count, 150 guests!

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Hello Mr & Mrs Cook!

When we arrived things had already got going and the party was in full swing. As soon as the photo booth was up and running, everybody was in there – all propped and ready for anything!


Hi again Felicity Frayling! (lovely lady in the middle)

We were booked for Alyce & Luke’s wedding after they spotted us (well Laurence actually) at their friends’ (the Fraylings) marquee wedding in Bathampton last year! It was good to see the divine Mr & Mrs Frayling again! See those pics again here on our online gallery 🙂

Felicity Frayling

At Felicity’s wedding last year!


Loved these girls! Stars of the booth!

We soon became familiar (as we often do at most weddings) with the photo booth fans at the wedding. Quite often there are 4 groups of people at a wedding reception – the dance floor groovers, the bar propper uppers, the buffeteers and the photoboothers. Sometimes you get a mix of all 4 but on this occasion in addition to the bride Alyce (who was getting dragged into the booth by her friends and family, constantly), there was a firm group of people who spent most of the night coming over to see us at the booth. Check out the online gallery to discover who these ‘stars of the booth’ were last night!

Congratulations to the brand new Mr & Mrs Cook! Thank you so much for booking us for your night!

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