Maunsel House Photo Booth with Charlie & Alex’s lovely wedding

maunsel out

Romantic wedding venue – Maunsel House in Somerset


It’s wedding day and a long and winding road leading up to Maunsel House near Bridgwater in Somerset.

Approaching the big 15th century house with pygmy ponies and guinea fowl peacefully going about their day enjoying the late afternoon sun I could see children on swings and a wedding party ticking along very nicely.



The booth all set up and ready to go in the lounge


I met Chloe Kirkpatrick, the wedding coordinator, completely relaxed and at ease with what must be a demanding day, she looked after me just as she did her guests, as I was shown the incredible room I was to set up in. A stuffed bear sat in the corner along with photos, hats and memorabilia crammed into every available space. In this cosy lounge room, there were also more cushions than I have ever seen. Guests were to later seek refuge in my cushion room for fun in the photobooth and a bit of quiet from the party in the adjoining room.


Maunsel bride and groom

The happy couple!


The beautiful bride Alex looked so gorgeous and straight out of the pages of Vanity Fair. I loved her bright orange and red flowers in her hair – she looked amazing!


maunsel guests

Yay! to the Black & White!

The booth was in action pretty much all night! I loved that for a change all the pics were coming out in Black & White. They looked so good in the Guest Book…adding a feel of timelessness!



Fancy dress corner – there was no shortage of hats thanks to the Baronet’s personal collection!


The big bear that I mentioned earlier was dragged into the booth on 2 occasions. I feared lives would be lost – largely mine if the brand new skins on the booth were damaged! Lucky for me – all was okay bar a considerable bear moulting situation.


Maunsel bear in the booth

There’s a bear in the booth!

I had a great time at Maunsel House and I wasn’t alone. This was a wedding to remember for a long long time!


If you are reading this, thank you for booking Yellowbooth Alex & Charlie!! Hope you have an amazing time on honeymoon! And a special thank you to Chloe and her team at Maunsel who made everything look completely effortless and stress free! What a lovely wedding day at Maunsel