Christmas comes to the seaside!

Haven doniford

Anyone for a cracker? Haven Doniford Bay holiday park in Somerset


Last Saturday night was like a blast from the past!! We were booked to bring the black party photo booth to our first Christmas party of 2014 held at the Haven Doniford Bay Holiday Park. When we were growing up, you couldn’t keep us out of the amusements arcades and that was where we found ourselves last weekend – in the middle of the amusements (which was the perfect place to be!! 🙂

Doniford 1

Someone’s having a bad hair day in the booth…

The event was the annual party for the holiday home owners at the park and we were expecting around 400 people visiting the booth throughout the night. And it was a busy one!

Christmas can never come too soon for me! I love it!! (Don’t love the shopping bit so much, but as soon as the tinsel and selection boxes hit the shelves, I’m all over it!


A Halloween wedding – with choccy cake to die for!!!

Lisa & Ash Royal Marine

Lovely Ash & Lisa – nothing scary about them!

All the ghoulies and the ghastlies were out and about in force on Halloween night as we drove through the centre of Portsmouth heading for the wedding of Lisa & Ash at the impressive Royal Marines Museum.

Royal Marines Museum

Royal Marines Museum (it looked a bit different at night!)

Costumes are getting more and more realistic aren’t they? But when I saw Michael Myers (from the horror flick Halloween) standing on the kerbside waiting to cross the road I nearly slightly hyperventilated with fright!! We hurried off to the safety of our venue to set up the photo booth and enjoy the happy faces instead!!

michael myersTrick or Treater creepy Michael Myers in Portsmouth Friday night.

Lisa & Ash Royal Marine 1

 The happy smiley wedding guests, (we preferred them!)

Lisa is a fantastic woman, I enjoyed chatting to her and her friends – particularly the lady with the stunning lime green shoes (that she crafted herself!?! Wow!) So impressed was I that I begged her to take her shoes into the photo booth for a few photos – which I’m chuffed to say she happily did!

Lisa & ash lovely shoes

Lisa’s friend (with one of her killer shoes!)

What an unusual but memorable wedding venue! So impressive and important! I loved the huge paintings of battle scenes in the hallway.

Another thing about Lisa & Ash’s wedding – on the subject of Halloween … their chocolate wedding cake was to die for!! (scuse the pun!) It always come done to food I’m afraid! I think I might be addicted to wedding cake! (Lucky me!!!) 🙂

Congratulations to the happy couple, you looked amazing in your photo booth pictures!


Me & my fab photo booth apprentice!

little bidlake farm

Little Bidlake Farm – a lovely wedding venue

It’s been busy lately and my blog postings have taken a nose-dive, so, before the Christmas party season (waaay hay!) gets going, to make up for lost time on the blog I’m taking several trips down memory lane. Tonight’s meanderings are for the lavish Knight wedding which took place on the 13th September at Little Bidlake Farm, Bridstowe in Devon.

Oh we do love Little Bidlake Farm!

It’s only down the road from our cottage in Devon and the owners Jo & Phil Down are lovely – so we were really chuffed when Nikki Knight called to book us for her wedding that was due to take place there. A couple of days before, a couple called to cancel their booking (the couple in question were postponing their wedding till next year) so we were free to return to Little Bidlake for a gorgeous marquee wedding. 🙂


Introducing the bride & groom, Mr & Mrs Knight!

The memory of this early sunny September night will stay with me always mainly because I had a charming little helper all evening, the bride Nikki’s niece, Ascara. My usual partner in crime, Laurence, was over at St Mellion Golf Club with the other booth at  the wedding reception of Mr & Mrs Park so it was really great to have some company for the night.

I had to laugh at the end of the night when out of the blue, Scala stomped off to the stage and shouted into the microphone “More people, we need more people in the booth!!!” She was worried we’d not fill out the guest book with photo booth picture strips. That’s the way to do it! Next time I’ll try that!

nikki niece

My  fab little apprentice (and me)

What a lovely marquee wedding it was. I saw it the night before – everything in its place, it was stunning. A black carpet throughout punctuated nicely the black and white theme. There was a table plan sign written by hand on a vast free standing mirror – oh it was all really really nice! Everyone was really nice too – everyone had a great time!

All the pictures taken on the night can be found here  so you can revisit those happy memories too! 🙂



Happy memories … A stylish wedding at Dunster Castle !

Dunster castle 1

Dunster Castle – an amazing wedding venue!


Now that we’re at the end of the wedding season, I have such happy memories of our travels with the photo booth during the year. One wedding that was really amazing was that at Dunster Castle nr Minehead… our fabulous bride & groom were Charlotte & Steven Dyer.


Our bride & groom, Charlotte & Steven (looking good!)


The bride & groom were a really nice couple and had such great taste with a real sense of style which was immediately clear in their wedding marquee up at the castle on the 6th September. Every tiny detail had been carefully considered down to the Steven & Charlotte logo, The neon bar, the boat of drinks and the glorious cakes.


The (ahem!) perks of the job…

If you love weddings (and I do!!!), this is a brilliant business to be in – not just because of all the yummy wedding cakes (calorie counters beware!) you get to nibble but because if you’re lucky and you have some free time on your hands, you get to explore new places – in this case, the medieval village of Dunster. I love old towns and villages and couldn’t believe my luck that I had the free time to wander around the little shops and cobbled streets – Dunster was full of cute timber frame buildings. I found an old pub to check into for a spot of R&R – perfect. Dunster’s a painter’s paradise and next time I’m definitely bringing my paints with me.



All squeeze into the photo booth … body count: 11 (that’s Charlotte on the right btw)


The night back at the castle was very lively – the booth didn’t stop for a minute! The DJ was a good laugh and there was some high jinx on the dance floor I can tell you. We all had such a good laugh! Even Michael Jackson joined in! I know Dunster Castle is supposed to be haunted, but when Michael Jackson showed up I was a little surprised to say the least!! Whooooa! What a great night!