What ho, Abi & Brad’s spiffing wedding at the Deer Park!

Abi & Brad

Abi & Brad! O What a lovely couple!

Whenever we get a booking for the fabulous Deer Park Country House Hotel in Honiton, it’s a big ‘Hey ho’ from us! Very Jeeves and Wooster in its theme and style, this ultra swish and popular Devon wedding venue captures the imagination of brides & grooms looking for that certain vintage chic to bring to their day.

Last Monday we were booked to bring the white photobooth to the wedding reception of lovely couple Abi & Brad Fricker and what a gorgeous ‘do’ too! Everyone had such a lovely time including a ‘fly-by’ by Brad’s RAF brother, Victorian games in the gardens, wedding breakfast with great speeches in the marquee and later on a magical display of fireworks into the summer evening sky. Wow! What a day, and topped off with a photobooth as well!

Congratulations Abi & Brad, thank you so much for booking us for your evening ‘do’ – it was really nice to meet you both! 🙂 Tally ho! Caz & Laurence xx



Here come the boys… & Bryan!!

emma & bryan

Happy & wed, Emma & Bryan

Beautiful Amazonian bride Emma and her groom Bryan held their amazing wedding at the stunning location of Trenderway Farm in Pelynt, Cornwall.

There was a mega lively atmosphere with 200 guests, barrels and barrels of beer and cider and our VW camperphoto booth set up in the boutique hotel’s library. Later on there was a band, cupcakes and swimming in the lake!

naked boys


Emma looked amazing with her long and wild blonde hair and bountiful wedding gown – unending folds of glamorous fabric but it was her lovely new groom Bryan who caught our eye even more – when he and a clutch of close friends peeled off their suits and leapt into the photo booth – dressed only in shoes, socks, viking hat and tattoos!

The booth had a constant stream of party people donning the props and climbing in for their photo and video session and we were booked on the spot for an extra hour which led to more fun and games into the late hours.

Thank you so much for booking us Emma & Bryan! It was great meeting you both!

trenderway farm

Trenderway Farm wedding

If you haven’t been to Trenderway Farm, you’d love it as we did! It was the perfect venue for a giant wedding (as well as smaller weddings too) with on site accommodation which looks so cute, check out the pictures on the website. The owners Jackie and Yaron were so friendly and expert at ensuring everything was perfect. Thank you to you two for helping us to settle in at the wedding. Caz 🙂 x



Liz & Steve’s lovely summer wedding … featuring special guests, ‘the nans’!

the nans

Here come ‘the Nans’!

If you haven’t been to the Edgemoor House Hotel and you’d love a homely atmosphere within grand surroundings, you’d definitely fall in love with the Edgemoor!

Liz & Steve Hancox held their delightful wedding day here and you couldn’t really blame them for their choice. I particularly love the smell of rolled tobacco and freshly ground coffee that follows you from room to room – it takes me back to when we used to stay with my Nan over the school summer holidays. The perfect place for a wedding – they EVEN do cream teas as well (which as a special treat were served to the wedding party in the pretty gardens). We love the Edgemoor!

Strategically positioned in ‘The Old School Tea Rooms’ apart from the disco our vw camper van photo booth enjoyed a nice steady stream of visitors and we had a chance to chat to the wedding guests – (makes a nice change!). You could hear the music in the background enough to jig around and enjoy the party atmosphere. All was great, that was, until ‘the nans’ appeared – then things got even better! Dressed in giant Elvis glasses, feather boas, Dame Edna specs and party hats, the ladies entered the booth – everybody held their breaths till the first flash went off and the first picture appeared on the external viewer screen. They looked fantastic! The roar of cheers gave me goosebumps! Who says photo booths are only for young people!! Fun for all ages – guaranteed!

Oh what a lovely wedding that was! Thank you ever so much for booking us for your ‘do’ Liz & Steve!


Handmade with love! The hand crafted wedding of Laura & Martyn Taylor

bride & groom Taylor exeter

What a great day!!

A year ago, Laura Taylor had a vision of how her big day would look. Last night these best laid plans (and some) came to fruition as her dreams burst into reality on her and her groom Martyn’s wedding day. Congratulations Laura & Martyn Taylor on your fantastic wedding!

exeter golf house

Laura & Martyn’s wedding venue – Exeter Golf & Country Club

With no detail ignored, a team of cheery volunteering wedding assistants, some sticky tape and an eye on the clock, Laura’s family worked together until the final moments of the eve of the big day to ensure everything was in place.

Almost all the elements of the happy couple’s wedding were created themselves from the wedding arch to the intricate table favours – I really loved the little pyramids and the glistening trees/eiffel towers in the centre of each of the tables for pinning and pegging messages onto. I admired their spirit and the enjoyment everyone was getting from their involvement in putting all the parts together – even Laura’s young brother was working away with gusto and a smile on his face!

Whilst I was at Roadford Lake, Laurence was with the other VW campervan booth here at the Exeter Golf & Country Club. I am told there were moments of temptation for him when the wafts of hog roast drifted in and under his nose. He must have felt like the Bisto Kid – if anyone reading this is old enough to remember the bisto adverts of ‘yesteryear’. Oh I feel ancient!!

Thank you so much for booking Yellowbooth for your fantastic wedding day Laura & Martyn! With our best wishes! Laurence & Caz xx





At Richard & Sarah’s huge Roadford wedding!

Roadford lake wedding

A perfect wedding venue for a perfect wedding !

Yes!! We were so chuffed when Vanessa Stanbury booked us for her son’s wedding because it was our first local booking! How the time has flown from that phone call last November till now – the wedding day of Richard & Sarah Stanbury at Roadford Lake.

We took our cutie VW campervan photo booth the short 2 mile journey which I think is safe to say was a big hit with the crowd. The Stanburys are lovely and have a lot of friends judging by how packed the venue was making for such an amazing atmosphere throughout the night. Most wedding guests enjoyed a go (or three) in the good old booth and who could blame them – its a good giggle and people of all ages enjoy dressing up and adding their silly poses to the guest book – especially with props like our crazy horse’s head which is the best prop ever!!


The Yellowbooth ‘horse’s head’ in action (at another party!)

The venue was perfect from the rig-up to the night itself with huge views across Roadford Lake itself amid tranquil countryside. A big “thank you” Donna and Stephanie for all your help and flexibility – we hope to get the chance to work with you again in the future.

When we first moved to lovely Lifton in West Devon (we came down from the Highlands in 2012 swapping haggis for cream teas in hope of a bit more sun and a lot less midges), what struck us both straight away was the lovely nature and friendliness of all the people we came into contact with. Everybody who visits says so.

Thank you ‘Mother of the Groom’ Vanessa for booking us for the evening! It was fun meeting you and your family/friends. I hope they enjoyed themselves in the booth as much as I did outside of it! 🙂


What ho! Is there a Doctor in the house?


The fabulous Dr Anne & Dr Jay Atkinson

If you are looking for a pretty wedding venue with a lavish yet homely feel, that is surrounded by lush green countryside, you’d love the Deer Park Country House Hotel!

From the moment you enter the long drive up to the house there are ‘What ho’ signs which instantly make me think of Jeeves & Wooster and Blandings – what more perfect a setting for a fabulous wedding? Doctors Anne & Jay Atkinson were the lucky couple enjoying the perfection of the venue and the day last Saturday 2nd August.

I found myself in this timeless setting and sat in the drawing room sipping tea whilst dinner was being served to the wedding party and as the speeches were taking place. You can’t help but feel very settled by the comfort of the hotel and the very jolly, friendly staff.

During the turnaround of the marquee, the wedding party took to the lovely gardens as well as the conservatory – which was where the VW camper van booth was set up. Before they could sit down, I approached what turned out to be the Groom’s parents to see if they’d “be interested in ‘christening’ the photo booth tonight”! They were fantastic as they threw on some fancy dress props and rushed into the booth. Squawks ensued – always a good sign – bang – they were the first pics in Anne & Jay’s guest book! The Bride’s Mum & Dad followed shortly after and enjoyed the experience immensely – lovely people!

The gorgeous bridesmaids too looked fantastic and came away with some really nice pics of themselves in their pale olive green dresses. A brilliant girl called Claire announced “she had died and gone to heaven” when she spotted the photo booth and of course the fancy dress props! Nice to know that you put a smile on people’s faces for a living!

What lovely people! A lovely venue. Congratulations Anne & Jay Atkinson! Hope you have a fantastic life together! Tally ho!


I’m Tom Lindsey! No, I’m Tom Lindsey and so’s my wife!


Mr & Mrs Lindsey – happy & married!

Last Saturday, whilst I was with our VW camper photo booth at the fun & pretty Deer Park Country House Hotel in Devon, Laurence (equipped with our second VW campervan booth) was up at the magnificent Dillington House in Somerset. Set in vast historic parkland, the Grade 2 listed building dating back to the 16th century was more than up to the job of being a setting sufficiently grand for the naval bride & groom Mr & Mrs Tom Lindsey.

The photo booth went across a treat as guests popped across to the Sedgemoor bar and into the booth in one fell swoop! Friends of the couple were well equipped with their own props as masks of Tom Lindsey appearing at every turn.


The many faces of Tom Lindsey!

… Last, but not least, Yellowbooth’s very own Laurence rescues a damsel in distress!

Earlier on in the evening, as the bubbly flowed and the entertainment organized itself, a desperate sax player approached Laurence horrified that she’d left her black t-shirt at home. She said “I have to ask but I don’t suppose there’s any possibility that you have a black top I can borrow?” Sensing her desperation, fast thinking Laurence recalled that I’d changed from my black t-shirt into my uniform shirt earlier on and came to the lady’s rescue offering her my top (and guess what, it turned out to be a perfect fit!)

Yellowbooth – putting out fires all over the place!!


Andi & Dave get married in sunny Tavy!


Introducing Mr & Mrs Aggiss!

Last Friday night, we packed up the shiny black booth and headed to the grand but homely Bedford Hotel, Tavistock for the lovely wedding reception of Andi & Dave Aggiss.

It was a warm day but this didn’t matter for we were armed with our giant fan (the sort that blows air not a person who is extremely fond of us!) – but as it turned out, we didn’t need it as the party room was air conditioned. What a nice surprise that turned out to be!!

We loved our bride Andi from the start! So friendly, fun loving and generous (thank you for feeding us, your prawn wraps were a delight, as were those cupcakes!! Hold me back!)

Congratulations to a lovely couple! With our best wishes for an amazing future!