A stunning wedding at Brympton D’Evercy … (and The Case of the Disappearing Naked Guests!!)


Happy and married, Mr & Mrs Anayi

Originally built in 1220 by the D’Evercy family, Brympton House – ‘the most beautiful house in England’ is often hired out as a location for filming and hospitality events. Last Saturday it was hired out as the stunning location for the wedding of Anna and Martin Anayi.

Struck immediately by the timeless atmosphere and the tranquility of the country stately home we really enjoyed working here for the evening. Our vivacious bride Anna selected the white wedding photo booth for the party in The Orangery – a large stone building with a lounge, a bar and a dance room. Everything looked perfect as the dark descended upon us and the hundreds of little candles were lit!

As the evening wore on, a pair of cheeky chappies called me to one side and instructed me to find them at the end of the night in order for them to perform a series of ‘naked poses’ and provide the last picture strip in the guest book. How exciting, I thought, two men and a plan!!!

Come the end of the evening, I searched high and low for Somerset’s answer to the Chippendales but sadly couldn’t find them anywhere, and did I search!!! Oh shucks, maybe some other day, some other photo booth, eh boys?!

Congratulations Anna & Martin! What a night! Thank you so much for booking Yellowbooth for your excellent party! Caz x



Dancing in the moonlight! Claire & Geoff’s wedding ‘do’ at Tunnels Beaches


Beautiful bride and her groom!

I love the idea of getting married abroad (we did!) but the wedding venue we were at on Tuesday night was maybe EVEN BETTER!

Outdoor sit down meal, dancing into the early hours on the outdoor terrace, amazing views of the sea and the bride & groom’s first dance as the sun sets over the ocean – all without the hassle of struggling through customs, hanging about airport departure lounges and blistering heat. All this and more was on offer to our latest bride & groom, party-people Claire and Geoff Ellis at Tunnels Beaches in Ilfracombe – one of our favourite venues.

The best man’s speech was an absolute scream – so good I thought they’d booked a professional comic in to do the (often dreaded) job. But surprisingly he was not! There was plenty of music too from an acoustic guitarist, a Frank Sinatra-esque wedding singer (brilliant!!) and the bride’s very own sister taking to the mike for a stunning performance, as well as a disco in the later hours followed by more from the wedding singer.

What a perfect day (& night) – it was fun getting to know everyone!

Congratulations Claire & Geoff on your amazing wedding! Glad you liked your VW camper photo booth! And thank you so much for looking after US too! Hope to see you again some time! Caz & Laurence. 🙂


I’ve heard of photo-bombing, but birdy-bombing??


Vam & Joe with guests!

Last Saturday our VW campervan photo booth was booked for the really awesome family home wedding of Vam & Joe Farrands. Lovely couple Vam & Joe and their friends and family all dressed in morning suits enjoyed a ceremony and main party in a massive american indian style teepee – wow!! This was wedding festival meets glamping!

As huge as it was, there wasn’t enough height on the teepee to allow for the photo booth so we were positioned in the summer house with a replica stag head and a family of unhappy swallows who were not averse to pooping at a moment’s notice.

The wedding guests were such a nice bunch of people and very lively when it came to popping into the booth for a snap or two! My particular fave on the night was the charming scotsman who needed to prove he was a true scot! Glad I could be of assistance with my stool!

Usually by the end of the night, our brides are all photo-d out – not our lovely bride Vam whom absolutely everyone wanted their picture taken with…and she was more than happy to consent!

Congratulations Vam & Joe!! Lovely to meet you! Thanks for having us! Caz


Hot & happy – Donna & Mark get married in St Ives!

Harbour hotel st Ives

Last Friday night was one very humid night and was the wedding reception of lovely couple Donna & Mark from Chorley in Lancashire. They, along with loads and loads of guests travelled down to the Harbour Hotel St Ives in Cornwall – what a great bunch of people! We had a good laugh with them!

There were some pretty impressive pictures taken as the wedding guests explored more creative ways to have a picture taken. We’ve seen a few impressive poses in the past, such as the bridesmaid atop a man’s shoulders, some ‘is it a cleavage or is it a bottom?’ pics. But I don’t think we ever been more impressed than we were that night!!

Half a dozen big blokes, rounded up by the groom like a cowboy at a rodeo, squeezed tightly into the booth – in full suited attire!! It was a REALLY HOT NIGHT and it must have been raging inside the booth. But, would they be able to manoeuvre themselves into position for a reasonable picture? – the suspense was killing us – we could hear squelching and some considerable discomfort. Would they manage to get all their faces in the picture? Would they even manage to press the ‘start’ button??

The relief we all felt when after ages, the flash eventually went off and the first picture was taken.

The bride, her bridesmaids, an assortment of guests (and us!) all rushed over to the screen to see how they looked inside the booth… and what a picture it was too! They were even all SMILING! After 3 more shots, the boys staggered out of the booth – sweating profusely and distinctly dehydrated judging by the speed with which they made for the bar!!

There were other highlights on this memorable night – firstly when the huge beautiful tower of scones appeared beside great vats of jam and cream – a memory I will cherish & revisit often! Secondly, we loved our bride & groom’s first dance to Mister Bojangles by, I think, Robbie Williams. All jazz hands and twirls… I think Anton du Beke had better watch out for his job on Strictly Come Dancing! What a happy night! Congratulations Donna & Mark!


There’s Something About Shelley!


The new Mr & Mrs Worrall!!

We get to go to all the good places! Last Friday we packed up the VW camper booth and set off for the sunny Cotswolds for the reception of newly weds Mr & Mrs Worrell (Shelley & Chris). Bubbly bride Shelley – knowing a thing or two about organising a wedding – is a wedding coordinator (how handy is that at a time like this??) picked top wedding venue, the Great Tythe Barn in the heart of the sleepy Cotswolds for their special day. From what we could see, everything about it was perfect – especially (yum!) the cupcakes baked by Shelley’s mum. The first thing that struck us was the fun atmosphere about the proceedings which largely burst forth from our fun loving bride Shelley! At one stage she dragged her new father in law into the photo booth declaring “You’re stuck with me now!” – the father in law couldn’t have looked more chuffed at the thought! It doesn’t take long to get the feeling that there’s never a dull moment when Shelley’s around! After the speeches, in the village green-like gardens, a ceilidh band, The Packhorse Band, struck up some chords while the jolly wedding guests hitched up frocks and leapt about with gay abandon. Congratulations Shelley & Chris on your brilliant wedding day!


Katie & Amy Dales fantastic wedding in Woolacombe

woolacombe bay hotel

Hotel with the Wow Factor – The Woolacombe Bay Hotel

We’ve never been to Woolacombe before and were taken aback with how pretty it was. I prefer seaside towns that are not over developed with a fish & chip shop, a clutch of B & Bs, some little arty shops, crazy golf and a wide beach – so a big Wow from me for lovely Woolacombe!

All these criteria are on my little tick list for a nice getaway by the sea. What’s nice as well is the surfer dude presence – quite a lot of them about plus a number of VW campers – so it’s probably no surprise that we instantly felt at home in Woolacombe in north Devon. (Note – we don’t have a real VW campervan only a photo booth that looks like one! Maybe one day…)

As we drove into the luxurious Woolacombe Bay Hotel’s car park we were practically dumbstruck with the size of it – it’s very grand and a little bit daunting to a pair of lowly photo boothers like ourselves.

We waited, bunting and white blooms in hands, for the speeches to finish before entering the majestic ballroom to be told by Adrian the nice wedding co ordinator where we were going to be setting up. Many venues are tight for space barely summoning enough room to put up the photo booth, but none of this here as there was enough room to swing a cat, some dogs and a herd of rhinoceroses – complete with chandeliers! It was a beautiful room that definitely had the WoW factor!

The moment we met the glamorous brides Amy and Katie and their family & friends, we were made to feel like one of the gang and proceeded to have a fantastic night! The Crosses, the Dales and all their friends were such a nice bunch of people and we were so lucky to be booked for this lovely wedding. To top it all, it’s a real treat to be invited to partake of the buffet and we were so glad we did as it really hit the spot! Thank you for the buffet and for booking us for your wedding Katie & Amy – it was so nice to meet you and hope we see you again soon! 🙂 xx


Hollie’s 30th birthday party – the night the earth moved for us!



Birthday girl, Hollie (with the ears)

Last Saturday we cycled along the M4 at high speed for the 30th birthday party of vivacious Hollie at the trendy Hospital Club in London’s Covent Garden. Lucky for us we didn’t have too many punctures and so made it in time to enjoy the sights and sounds of the Big Smoke beforehand.

When we met Hollie we were bowled over by her and so were chuffed to pieces to receive her email to say she had a great time and enjoyed the photo booth immensely!

The highlight of the night for many was when the giant ice sculpture arrived! It was wheeled in to everyone’s excitement and just when you thought the mood couldn’t be any more ecstatic, the vodka came out and was poured decadently onto it!

At the end of the night, after the last of the guests had moved on there was this huge explosion of sound! It was only the ice sculpture suddenly collapsing onto the floor having survived the night. The ground shook – what a pity nobody but us was around to witness it’s finale!

Thank you so much for booking us for your party Hollie! It was good to meet you and Jamie! x


Ansford Prom goes to Hollywood!


Ansford’s photo-boothers in action!

Last Thursday night we hit the road for destination Somerset – all to find Ansford Academy really know how to throw a prom picking one of cider country’s leading venues, Northover Manor to hold their glitzy affair. Jane Rossiter played the perfect host, organising the elegant do to perfection.

Thanks for booking us, Jane, it was fun meeting you and your party!

With a Hollywood theme at every turn, pictures of Cary Grant and Marilyn Monroe all about the walls and the glamorous boys & girls dressed up in their fabulous evening wear we felt like we were photo boothing for the Oscars! And just when I wondered where Marlene Dietrich, Bette Davis and Gloria Swanson were hiding they finally turned up in the Ladies’ loos on the toilet seats!!! In my book, you can never get too much Hollywood!