Acrobats in the photo booth and other flashes in the pan!


Happy & wed, Mr & Mrs Beales (right)

Last Saturday night we had the pleasure of zipping the pastel VW photo booth and a menagerie of fancy dress over to the wedding party of Tom & Charlotte Beales at St Pauls in Yelverton.

The whole do had a brilliant vibe of the 1950’s about it. The party was set in the church hall – there were big juicy sponges laden
with jam and cream sat on vintage plates. There were large white paper lanterns hanging from the rafters, wooden
floorboards and a certain jubilee street party atmosphere going on. Instead of the usual wedding guest book, a brown vintage case was used for carrying personal messages and photo strips. I love Miss Marple and kept expecting my favourite little old super
sleuth to leap out of the privot hedges wagging her knitting needle accusingly at me! In a sentence, it was bliss really.

We’d been asked to set up the photo booth in the snuggly games room which made things very lovely and cosy – with the
feather boas, tinsels and cowboy hats dotted about the place, the room had the feel of an enticing grotto.

From the moment the booth went on till the moment it went off the flashes kept going all night – (in more ways than one in
a particular case…’oops’!)

Now, the problem with the photo booth, we find, is that it can be rather distracting at times – last night proved the point
nicely when the bridesmaids almost missed the bride & groom’s first dance because they were busy in the booth. Later on,
the moment the band played their last note they were swinging into the booth like grease lightning unaware they were being
shouted for a curtain call from their audience. We’re always causing trouble it seems!

On a final note, we were really impressed with the creative poses that went on in the booth! A year of pilates and some
strong relaxants would not have permitted my legs to arrange themselves in some of the positions we witnessed last night!
They must have been olympic gymnasts or acutely double jointed – if you’ve got it flaunt it, ladies!!

Thank you so much to Tom & Charlotte for booking us for your brilliant wedding party – it was lovely to meet you both! if
you need a photo booth in Hong Kong we’ll be over like a shot!! 🙂 Caz & Laurence x



Torquay Grammar Schools Prom – much more than a bit of a do!


Last night we were at the Torquay Girls and Boys Grammar School Prom at the Imperial Hotel in Torquay.

This week has been a real eye opener! We’ve done 2 proms so far and I’ve been totally gobsmacked at the high level of glamour
and sophistication of them. The boys – all smooth & stylish in tuxes – the girls stunning in ball
gowns and gorgeous designer shoes.

Proms are so different from how things were when we were leaving school all those hundreds of years ago. For our leavers’ do, we wore ripped tops, ra ra skirts and crucifixes (blame Madonna). Torquay Grammar schools prom budget ran to a hotel venue, a buffet, a DJ and a photo booth – at my school in the early eighties we had a disco (record player) in the school’s lower hall and a plate of custard creams!

For most of the academic year Torquay Girls Grammar School and Torquay Boys Grammar School – divided by a playing field –
never meet except on the bus or in the shop. But for one night only, these two mega schools get together to party the
night away at their school prom! It was such a gorgeous glamorous do and everyone was so friendly and nice.

TGGS and TBGS – thank you so much for booking us!


Return of The Wurzels!



 The Wurzels – still wurzelling in Torquay!

Is anyone ancient enough (like me) to remember Somerset singing sensations, The Wurzels?

During the 70’s, you couldn’t flick on the telly without seeing The Wurzels sat on bales of hay in their country smocks singing “I am a cider drinker” or the even catchier “I’ve got a combine harvester and I’ll give you the key”.

2 Fridays ago I had to keep pinching myself because The Wurzels were the headlining act at the Summer Ball at the Imperial Hotel Torquay we were attending with our VW camper booth… and good news,  they still have it and were very entertaining even though they are now well into their seventies. Power to them!

Thank you Edmundson Electrical for booking us for your Summer ball and for taking us on this walk down olde Memory Lane. Anyone else want to enjoy a trip down Nostalgia Alley? Go on, you know you want to! Grab a pint of cider and click here


Jimmy choos & band aids! It’s the Prom season!


Wasn’t it hot last night?!  We spent the evening at the Hayesfield School Prom at Green Park Brasserie in Bath bombing up and down about 3 flights of stairs.

Green park brasserie

Green Park Brasserie, Bath

Question! What do you get when you mix a room full of glammed up girls on their prom night with a photo booth? Madness! The props get thrown about all over the place with wild abandon and you’d better stand clear.

Despite the heat, the girls (and a small handful of boys) all glammed up for the evening had a really good night, beginning with the photo booth, sitting down for a lovely meal, listening to the speeches and ending with dancing and more photo booth. The photos were brilliant!

I had to laugh. The speeches were very entertaining, consisting of awards for girls demonstrating various attributes such as “award fo the best dressed”, “award for the most likely to go on the Jeremy Kyle show” and ” award for the person most like a gangster”.

By the end of the night the torture of the 4 inch heels revealed itself by a trail of used band aids down the stairs – looking good can be a pain as I recall in my distant memory! No plasters for me these days, I’m sticking to my flip flops!


“Photo-bobs” are GO!!!


Seb & Sally in the booth!

Last night, whilst at Seb & Sally’s beautiful wedding at the Moorland Garden Hotel in Dartmoor, I made two little friends, Daisy &
Roxy.  Bless them, they ensured everything ran smoothly – explaining to new photo booth visitors how it all worked and that the second print-out goes into the guest book – in other words, doing my job for me – they were brilliant! Boy did I feel a bit lazy
putting my feet up for most of the night!

It was the next day when dismantling the booth, little Daisy popped along with her cousin Roxy and asked me if I could
bring the ‘photo-bob’ to her uncle’s wedding in November because she enjoyed herself so much. Last night she was ‘manning’
the booth and today she’s drumming up business for us! I’d better step up my game or Daisy’ll be taking my job!! 🙂

To loads of Seb & Sally’s friends and family the photo booth was something new – however this didn’t stop them throwing
themselves into the fray with hillarious results. Visitors to the booth were constant for the whole 4 hours with the
exception of during the bride & groom’s first dance.

Normally one to leave the photo booth to the wedding party, it came as a bit of a shock when I was suddenly yanked into
the booth by a crazed caveman (funny how people become more caveman-like in the caveman wig, more horsey in the horse head
and more effeminate in the pink feather boa!)!

Congratulations Sally & Seb Hall! We hope you enjoy your fun guest book for many years to come!


Roger builds Fallon a party to top all parties!


“Enjoying” a quick snog in the booth!

Last night on the 7th June 2014, Roger married Fallon and had a beautiful wedding reception at the swish Future Inns hotel in

We were booked to bring the cute VW camper photo booth along for the night for some light hearted entertainment
alongside a brill DJ and a fab local band. What a great night on and off the dancefloor it was – the booth was pretty crazy all

Roger is no stranger to building roofs but there was definitely no ceiling to his talents when it came to organising a
great party for his lovely bride Fallon. This we noticed from the first moment we met him. Observing Roger organising the
finer details and his bride’s big surprise – the band, Decibelle, we had a feeling that the party planning was totally in
capable hands.

Pssst! Don’t tell anyone, but my absolute fave moment of the night was when two very sensible gents went into the booth
(along with their wives) and decided, just for the camera, to “enjoy” a quick spur of the moment snog … and left the booth utter heroes
as far as their ladies were concerned!

Congratulations Roger & Fallon! It was so lovely to meet you both! We hope you enjoy the pictures for many years to come.



Why I’m saying “No more!” to Jane Fonda … my dead legs at the Imperial Hotel!


The very newly wed Mr & Mrs Ribbon!

Help! I have woken up with dead legs!! Last night we drove the VW camper booth to the wedding reception of Noel & Johanna
Ribbon at the massive Imperial Hotel in sunny Torquay.

It seemed a long walk from the van to the function room and with about 10 journeys back and forth so this probably explains why this morning I feel as though I’ve run the London Marathon, an army assault course and chugged away all night on the cross trainer! Forget your workout videos – say “No more!” to the fitness regimes of Jane Fonda, Davina McCall and Mr Motivator, get into photo boothing – you’ll burn up a good old sweat!!

Sorry, I’ve gone and got sidetracked again – what a venue the Imperial Hotel was! It was enormous! Such grand surroundings
fitting for a wedding setting. Huge golden chandeliers, marbled floors and comfort at every turn, the Imperial has
represented sumptuous style for a hundred and fifty years.

Congratulations Noel & Johanna! Thank you for having us along to your big day – it was great to meet you and your photoboothing guests!!


A princely wedding at Exeter Castle!



Last Saturday night, Laurence took the white wedding photo booth to Exeter Castle for the wedding of Sarah & Alex Coates.

The photo booth was strategically placed across the way from the dance room complete with high ceilings, works of art and a giant glitter ball – the usual things that you find inside a castle.

The white sit down wedding photo booth decked with white flowers and white veil curtains was a huge success with the wedding guests who travelled from all over the world to be at Sarah & Alex’s big day. It looked really stylish in the ceremony room at the old castle – what a  shame the kings at Exeter Castle didn’t have a photo booth to have a play in (complete with pink feather boa and jumbo ears) after their crusades- it might have cheered them up!

Congratulations Sarah & Alex on your marriage and thank you so much for booking with Yellowbooth!


Happy wedding days in sunny Plymouth!


Introducing Mr & Mrs Davies!!

Last Saturday night we packed up the VW campervan photo booth and drove down to Plymouth for the lovely wedding reception of gorgeous couple Michael & Theresa Davies.

The venue was the Stoneyhouse Creek Leisure Centre – where there were really really nice friendly staff who went out of their way to help us settle in and get ourselves sorted.

Like a scene out of a comedy, there were 2 photobooths booked for that night and we’d only gone and put the booth up at the wrong wedding!! Moving like greased lightning and with the help of staff, we grabbed the booth and moved it sharpish!! Never seen an old VW campervan move so quick!!

From the moment the photo booth was switched on till the time it was switched off it was busy – as were all the wedding guests dressing up for their photos! The most popular fancy dress item on the night was the big champagne bottle…shame it wasn’t real.

Congratulations Michael & Theresa on your happy wedding day! It was really lovely to meet you both and all your family and friends. Hope you like all the pictures taken on the night.

Thank you for booking us for your big day! Hope to see you again! 🙂 Cazx