At Tunnels Beaches Ilfracombe. Oh we do like to be beside the seaside!


Ladies & Gentlemen, the Bride & Groom!

Tunnels beaches in Ilfracombe – here we come!! 

Sunday 27th April 2014 was to mark the wedding day of lovely Caroline & Martin Tucker. It was a dream venue and a dream wedding too!

We arrived a little earlier to take this opportunity to explore Ilfracombe having never been before. Wow! What a seaside packed with intriguing coves, ice cream parlours, a giant Damien Hirst sculpture and it had Tunnels Beaches!

This was a wedding with everything – great couple, great guests, great food, great guitarist and a VW campervan photo booth! (Sorry, had to add it on, couldn’t resist!) Tunnels Beaches is a popular wedding venue with the ‘WOW’ factor nestling in the handmade Victorian caves leading down to the private ladies & men’s beaches – this was back in the day when swimming attire covered every inch of flesh and ladies were wheeled down to the water. Lucky things, what luxury! Add to this vision of all things seasidey, the bride & groom arrived at the venue in their shiny chauffeur driven cream coloured VeeDub camper and an evening reception in full flow to the backdrop of a beautiful sunset – how much more perfect can you get?

Thank you Caroline & Martin for having us along to your wedding – we loved meeting you and your guests! Have a happy life together!!

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A seaside do in beautiful Brixham

It was the night of Easter Saturday and we were booked to bring the VW camper photo booth to the stylish seaside wedding reception of vivacious Tracey & her groom Steve.

What a lovely spot to have a wedding party at the Berry Head Hotel on the Brixham peninsular overlooking the stunning English Riviera on such a clear sunny day. Loved this hotel so much that when we have a bit of time off, I’ve been dropping not so subtle hints to Laurence to come back for a bit of a seaside break. Not having been to Brixham since I was a child, it came as a pleasant surprise to see how much there was on offer. Plenty of pubs, restaurants and clubs with a nice cosy atmosphere around the town. And I would bet the fish and chips are good here too – what a shame we didn’t get to find out. But, as Arnie would say if he wasn’t on his own…”we’ll be back!!” Too right!

Any way, I digress (as usual). With no shortage of entertainment on the cards, the guests had plenty to occupy them between rocking and rolling with the band, disco dancing with the DJ, dipping into the chocolate fountain and leaping into the photo booth.

The wedding reception had such a lovely family vibe about it and it wasn’t too long before we got to know many of the guests. Oh, we had such a good laugh!! In particular we got to meet some great kids who were only too happy to help get involved in preparing the bride & groom’s wedding guest book.

One little friend we made on the night was little Abi who looked after our green inflatable donkey called Jessie. Actually, he’s never been so spoiled or so well dressed up in all our props!

Thank you so much for booking us Tracey & Steve, it was so nice to meet you! We had a really good time and hope you did too! Have a lovely married life together!


How we tried to resist HOGGING the roast at lovely Bovey Tracy wedding!

The Thursday before Easter, we had the pleasure of meeting newly weds Annie & Nicolas Warnes and their family and friends at their fairytale wedding.

On this occasion, we brought with us our ever popular VW camper booth to The Edgemoor country house at Bovey Tracey in Devon. We arrived at the venue in the late afternoon – the setting was perfect … the sun was out – little fairy bridesmaids were playing on the lawn and The Edgemoor was so relaxed and homely we felt as though we were on holiday!

A brilliant hog roast in the evening was amazing and a treat we were unable to resist when those aromas started infiltrating the photo booth – when offered by our generous bride & groom we became all weak at the knees with temptation.

We just love it when the ladies & gentlemen of the wedding party get stuck into the props box and dive into the booth with wide eyed abandon. Even Uncle George couldn’t resist! Consequently their photographs tend to reflect the fun and enjoyment of the night which they will go on to share with their Facebook friends and anyone who knows them.

Congratulations Annie & Nicolas, thank you for having us along to your wedding day! We hope to see you again soon.


Laughter in the rain at Matt & Lou’s lovely wedding!

Easter Sunday we abandoned all egg hunts as the heavens opened upon the sunny southwest and our wedding venue, the Haselbury Mill at Haselbury Plucknett in Somerset became deluged by too much of the wet stuff.

Our happy couple the newly weds Matt & his beautiful bride Louise (Lou) Hutchings booked our VW camper photo booth for their stunning evening do at the medieval Tithe Barn. A venue with the ‘WOW’factor I couldn’t take my eyes off the immense arched ceilings and the metal chandeliers and candlabras.

Keen not to keep our guests waiting too long for our booth to open, we built the booth in record time (45 mins) and it wasn’t long before Miles & Harriet – awesome brother and sister photo booth team took to the props box and posed away like a pair of brilliant seasoned professionals – dragging with them their giant-eared dad (aka the Photo booth Police) and later their lovely mum.

Tonight was a lively one! The boys (they know who they were!) were being a bit naughty in the booth – no details necessary I’m sure! The DJ was amazing and kept us entertained all night and loads of guests took advantage of our immediate enlargement printing service – so all in all – what a busy night! Loved it!

It may have been raining outside, but inside there was laughter by the bag load! Hope you had a good journey back home to the Reading area – it was good fun meeting you all and a pleasure! Congratulations on your wedding Matt & Lou – hope you have an amazing time in Cuba!!


At Dan’s 21st “SURPRISE!!!” birthday party!


Birthday boy Dan’s in the middle on the back row!

Last Friday night, we took our groooovy VW camper van booth over to a buzzing surprise birthday party to the joy of Dan Kingsley & his family and friends! (We quite enjoyed ourselves too!)

Well done to Michael, Dan’s ‘brother-in-law’ who did such a good job of convincing the birthday boy that he was in for a night at another rather glitzy club, as the shots came and went, he started to believe it himself. Thank goodness for everyone waiting at The Gate in Dunstable, Bedfordshire armed with party poppers ready to shout ‘SURPRISE!’ that he was steered back on course and appeared as scheduled!

It was lovely to meet Dan and his family and friends who were all such a nice bunch of people and really up for a good laugh in the booth – particularly the ‘Tenerife posse’ who used this opportunity to re-live some good old memories of their time in the Canaries! You lucky things!

Thanks for having us Dan – we wish you lots of luck at uni!

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A beautiful wedding on a farm!


We arrived at Little Bidlake Farm – our next door neighbours in Bridestowe, West Devon,  last Friday afternoon to find all the finishing touches being added ready for the wedding day of Mel & Rich. All was very serene and calm as the couple and some friends and family added spring flowers to jars and place settings to tables in the big white wedding marquee.

The next evening we returned to switch on the white booth in the foyer of the marquee (which, by then had been converted into a fabulous nightclub), and as nightfall came, candles in jars were lit outside the marquee and bonfires were ignited for some blissful marshmallow toasting by moonlight.

Now, what I love about a photo booth is it brings out the inner characters of people – especially the ‘shrinking violets’ among us – providing a rare treat for the wedding couple as they peruse their photo guest book in the morning. Mel & Rich were sure in for an eyeful or two!!

Congratulations Mel & Rich Gott! Thank you for having us over on your big day – we enjoyed meeting you and your guests and wish you every happiness for a lovely future together! 

If you would be interested in booking Little Bidlake Farm for your special day, contact Jo Down on 01837 861233. 

If you would like to book a photo booth for your wedding please call us on 0800 7720325 and speak to Laurence or Caz. Or email us via our contact us page on the website. We look forward to hearing from you.


‘Big Saturday!’ at Marjon University, Plymouth


Last weekend we took the snazzy OMG booth to the brand new (2012) University of St Mark & St John (aka Marjon) in Plymouth for their busy ‘Big Saturday’ opening day.

And, as it turned out, we weren’t the only ones bringing the entertainment to the proceedings – when the visiting new students had checked out their courses they’d then enjoy a bit of a mad session in the photo booth – after that they’d throw themselves onto the mad bad Bucking Bronco to be chucked about with wild abandon and then catch their breath stage side with a Starbucks and a burger during live performances by some amazing performers.

Those of a more chilled out disposition took a pint, found a table and cut out the middle men/girls – starting out as they intend to go on as proper students!

There were one or two surprises on the cards for us when the lion and lamb dived into our props only to find that nothing we had was designed to fit the large head of a lion (although our super sized pink sunglasses did do the trick in the end!). When convinced that on some occasions less is more, they dived into the photo booth and made the best of it with what they’d got!

Thanks to Olivia and the marketing department at Marjon for booking us for this fantastic gig! It was good to meet everyone and become involved in the activities of the university. 

If you would like to book us for your special event, please give us a call on 0800 7720325 or email us via our contact us page.