Last Christmas ‘squish-up’ at the Proud Camden


Salt Yard Group – one of the many stunning images on the night.


Last Sunday night was fun!  The Yellowbooth-mobile headed off down the M4 to the tourist’s fave, Camden Market in London where we were booked to bring a few LOL moments across to the good folks of the Salt Yard Group’s Christmas party. Famed for their tapas restaurants around London, they were a nice bunch of people who really owned the dance floor! I thought I’d been transported back to Saturday Night Fever – John Travolta obviously had been given the night off!

We loved the venue,  it was an unusual one! Once a 19th century horse hospital, the venue called ‘Proud Camden’ was a large space divided into more intimate settings with sofas and small stages for bands (there was a really good jazz band on when we arrived which was nice ‘building the booth’ music) – perfect for small get-togethers with friends or drinks after work. And it was very busy … and really cobbly – which makes things awkward when unloading our hefty boxes! But, thanks to the help of some really lovely people, we were able to glide through like swans!

We were booked to get the show on the road fairly early, at around 6.30pm, and as we might have expected, visitors to the booth were a little thin on the ground, but it didn’t take long (along with some gentle persuasion from Laurence & myself) before things got really going! Overall, it turned out to be a very lively session with some amazing photo
strips landing in the picture catcher.


The ‘Squish-up’ !


What a photogenic bunch the Salt Yarders were! They even managed a respectable ‘squish-up’ of 12 people … good work! Lives were very nearly lost in the process, but we got there in the end!!

At the end of the night….

Oh, nearly forgot to say, that the fun didn’t stop there as at the end of the night we met a traffic warden on the very verge of popping us with a ticket for parking without loading. He told us we would need to prove we were loading and without a hint of irony. There was us standing there with 2 large boxes, 3 huge panel bags and an assortment of bags. Perhaps it wasn’t all that obvious after all.  He let us off in the end which was very nice of him! They’re not all bad, are they?


Say Cheese!! All go photobooth CRACKERS in sumptuous Surrey!


RAC Epsom

Picture: The handsome building of Woodcote Park, Surrey. Home of the Royal Automobile Club.


Wow! Set in 350 acres of Surrey parkland, our last booking of the weekend was at the stately country clubhouse of Woodcote Park in Epsom, the second home of the Royal Automobile Club.

Another of the organization’s generous staff christmas parties within grand surroundings, we felt so chuffed to yet again become a part of the proceedings and to help the hardworking staff let their hair down and have a really good time – via the charms of our stunning black photobooth.

Pssst…..When the revellers began to file in and indulge in a little photobooth entertainment, we discovered that our booth had become famous after Friday night’s party in Pall Mall. This of course was music to our ears as it’s always good to hear positive feedback – it confirms you’re getting it right!



Picture: Cakes, glorious cakes on the next table at the party! I only had one but was tempted to taste a few more!


Now then, luckily for us, we were invited to join the guests and partake in the fabulous tapas buffet spread! Furthermore, our photobooth was positioned within very close proximity of the cheeses, cake & dessert table – amazing little puds just a fork and a stretch away! How did we ever contain ourselves???



Picture: Jessie in disguise & ready for action!


Tonight, Jessie (the inflatable green donkey who travels everywhere we go) got to join in the entertainment and was the star of the show from what we could tell by all the photos! To be upstaged by a little inflatable donkey – will our self esteems ever recover?!

Thanks again Alexia for booking us to entertain the troops! The 2 nights at the Royal Automobile Club were excellent & such a good laugh – we felt privileged to be there!



Mardi Gras party in Somerset – ALL feathers, masks & mystery!



Picture: Yellowboother Laurence with partygoers Donna and Hayley. (Can I have him back now please?)


Last Saturday evening, we arrived at our next venue, that of the Haynes International Motor Museum at Sparkford in the depths of lovely Somerset.

The colours and atmosphere of the New Orleans Mardi Gras greeted the hard working staff of Johnson’s Stalbridge Linen from Shaftesbury as they arrived for their annual christmas party!

Kicking off at 9.30pm, the photo booth was rarely empty long enough for a quick scurry round and a tidy up when along would arrive new set of mysterious masked party-goers. What a great night!! Sadly Jessie, our infamous green inflatable donkey had to sit this party out and had a good sleep in the car for 5 hours. The fancy dress props provided by our host Carol were fantastic – a big bright and cheerful range of feather boas and fancy masks were very popular and added to the pictures a treat!

It’s always nice to feel popular and the ladies of Stalbridge did their best to bolster Laurence’s self esteem by requesting his presence in the booth. He of course, ever the professional Yellowboother, jumped (with joy!) at their command!

The thing about feather boas is… they do  leave such a mess…

At the end of the night, one of the cleaners said the place looked like a chicken coop! I felt so guilty about the mess that as soon as her back was turned I picked up every feather I could find and stashed them all in my pockets – and of course, forgot all about them until I took the laundry out of the washing machine just now! There’s only one thing worse than feathers everywhere – wet feathers everywhere! Won’t do that again in a hurry!

Thanks so much to our host Carol for booking us for the hugely successful winter masquerade ball!


Pall Mall party LOVED Yellowbooth!

Pall Mall

Picture: The impressive foyer & gallery at the Royal Automobile Club in Pall Mall, London. The fab staff party took place in the ballroom upstairs.


What a night! Last Friday, we humble Yellowboothers rose to the lofty heights of Pall Mall in London delivering great photo booth entertainment for the staff party at the Royal Automobile Club. The clubhouse at Pall Mall dates back to 1911 – the organization was actually founded in 1897. A gentleman’s (and nowadays, ladies’) club, the Royal Automobile Club is recognised for its dominant role in the development of driving throughout the years along the roads of Great Britain.

Every year the club turns the tables on it’s employees with an elegant christmas party.

We felt so proud to be asked to attend such a unique venue – though, at first, being art lovers and so close to the National Gallery, we thought we’d have to miss out on it all what with time being tight – UNTIL, that is, we saw the jaw dropping gallery of the Pall Mall clubhouse main hall which was absolutely packed with show-stopping contemporary oil paintings.

Amazing art, amazing venue, really nice people – I know we say this about every gig, but this was one was so good (too!). All suited, booted and gowned to the nines, the jolly party-oers really loved the photo booth (and Jessie our famous green inflatable donkey) – and the resulting pictures were stunning! We left the Pall Mall in the early hours feeling pretty pleased with ourselves of a job well done.

This time tomorrow evening we would find ourselves 120 miles away at a fabulous Masquerade Ball in Somerset at our next booking. Yellowboothers are go!

Many many thanks to our host Alexia for booking Yellowbooth for your party!! We look forward to seeing you at the next party!


Grass skirts & hawaiian shirts – “Aloha, photo-boothing…Hawaii style!”

St Clether dog

Picture: Partygoers & Charlie the dog a la Hawaiian soiree. Our bubbly host Deb can be seen on the left of the pic.


Last Friday night, Laurence & I (aka the Yellowboothers) were on a mission – to deliver photo booth action and entertainment to a house party for husband Gary’s big 50th birthday celebrations.

For this, Laurence cunningly devised a smaller photo booth system that would fit perfectly into the living room. The new compact photo booth ‘pod’ was a success and brought new freedoms with it – eg more people could be photographed at once and Charlie the family dog (as you can see from our picture, he’s live, and not inflatable like our usual props!)  was able to join in on the action.

Thanks Deb, for booking us for your special occasion and for throwing us this challenge! 🙂

The great thing about being in the photo booth business is the variety. You never know what’s in store, as we found out when we attended this house party in St Clether, Cornwall.

Not sure what we were exactly expecting, but on a stormy wintry Friday night we were (to put it mildly) pleasantly surprised at the sight that greeted us!! It may have been night time, but inside the sun was shining, disco music was pumping and the guests had shed their woolly scarves and Christmas jumpers for fabulous colourful beachwear. 

This is how we, in the South West, ‘do’ winter!!

Happy 2014 everybody! from Caz & Laurence