Dare you enter the freak-tastic Halloween horror booth?

It all gets a bit tricky and not to mention spooky at this spell-binding time of year – once more the pumpkins appear as though by magic in the supermarkets providing all the confirmation we need that it’s Halloween.


Taking the photo booth out during the witching time of year can be a lot of fun! For one thing, the people who strike up their poses within are already dressed to the nines – and (quite rightly) proudly so – in their wicked Count Dracula, Wicked Witch, Frankenstein and more costumes and masks. Children have their faces brightly painted as green wart-ridden witches, ghosts, pumpkins and bewitched-y cats. Could there ever be a more theatrical time to enjoy the photo booth? We think not!

During Halloween the black booth is preferred to add to the spooky theme. We deck the booth in cobwebs, spiders and all things icky.

Tails of newts, eyeballs of toads … abracadabra!

Climb on inside the booth – you might expect a scare but there’s no one inside to jump out at you (except the odd creepy-crawlie). At first, the booth appears to be a simple room with nice curtains. But wait! There you are on the screen with a spooky creepy background or a green faced horrible old witch behind you!! But when you turn round, as though by magic they disappear!! When you look back at the screen, the creepy witch’s cat is still there and so is the witch! (This is what we know in the trade as the ‘green screen’ effect and is nothing to worry about. There aren’t really any such things as ghosts and witches… ARE THERE???)

The touch screen will ask you to choose the background that you want your photo to be taken in front of and the booth does the abracadabra bit!! Just pose in your Halloween finest, say “rotten cheese” and within seconds out will pop your freak-tastic pictures!

Happy Halloween horror-boothers!